Commissioner Director Zach Rich recently announced that Hunterdon County has again received independent confirmation that the county is one of the healthiest places to live.

“Overall, New Jersey ranks higher than the national average for health outcomes, and it’s always rewarding to have an independent third-party confirm that our county tops the list for being the safest, best, and healthiest place to live and work within the state,” Rich said.

The ranking is produced by the University of Wisconsin’s Population Health Institute with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. It provides local communities with data on more than 90 factors affecting health, including housing, education, jobs and access to quality healthcare.

Hunterdon County tops the list, followed by Morris, Bergen, Sussex, Middlesex, Monmouth, Union, Ocean and Hudson in the top 10.

One of the main reasons Hunterdon was voted the healthiest county is the high rate of county residents who have a General Practitioner (PCP).

A strong emphasis on preventative care allows PCPs to focus on prevention, wellness, and properly administered care.

This patient-physician partnership helps build strong relationships across the board. Rich said, “Our county’s top ranking is a testament to our residents, the local availability and access to quality healthcare, strong environmental protection, and the availability of open space and recreational opportunities. Congratulations go not only to the health department, but to the many who help keep the county healthy, particularly Hunterdon Medical Center, our many county health care providers, our school principals and many others. I encourage everyone to continue with the great work.”


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