Hunterdon County, NJ

A beautiful hot spot for both its visitors and its inhabitants, Hunterdon County is full of recreations, a wealth of small businesses, and tourist attractions, most notably it’s vast amount of parks and recreational facilities. Scenic country roads give way to hiking areas such as the Columbia Trail, Spruce Run and Round Valley Reservoir, and the Delaware River just to name a few.  Tourists can easily find canoeing, hiking, biking, and horse-back riding in the area, as well as some of the most beautiful homes in New Jersey. Read more.

Clinton Township, NJ

Picture-perfect Clinton looks like it was made with a painter’s brush, and many a movie producer has succumbed to its charms.  Stroll across the antique iron bridge, built in 1870, to cross the Raritan River and take in an unimpeded view of the 200-foot-wide waterfall.Perched on either side of the bridge are classic grist mills, both of which have been given modern new leases on life.  Read more.

Somerset County, NJ

A Central New Jersey Hub, Somerset County is one of America’s oldest counties and encompasses 305 square miles of beautiful landscape, bustling businesses, and 21 municipalities.  Established on May 22, 1688, it is full of beautiful historic counties and a rich heritage dating back to the Revolutionary War. Many of its towns are historic landmarks or hold monuments honoring their American history.  Read more.