Jun 18, 2021

Owning a Home Has Distinct Financial Benefits Over Renting [INFOGRAPHIC]

By |2021-06-18T07:43:47-04:00June 18, 2021|Buyers, First Time Home Buyers, Infographic|

Some Highlights When you rent, you build your landlord’s wealth, your monthly payment depends on ever-rising rents, and you don’t benefit from home price appreciation. On the other hand, when you own your home, you build your own wealth, your monthly payment is locked in, and you benefit directly from home price appreciation. [...]

Jun 16, 2021

Don’t Wait To Sell Your House

By |2021-06-16T12:31:04-04:00June 16, 2021|Real Estate Articles, Sellers|

We’re in the ultimate sellers’ market right now. If you’re a homeowner thinking about selling, you have a huge advantage in today’s housing market. High buyer demand paired with very few houses for sale makes this the optimal time to sell for those who are [...]

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