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55+ Buying issues


Having Mixed Emotions

Buying a residence as a senior can be both exciting and daunting. The excitement stems from anticipating new beginnings in a fresh environment. It’s daunting because there are so many types of 50+ residences, finite resources and sometimes emotional hurdles to overcome.

Assessing Your Real Estate Options as a Senior

SRES®designees can sit down with you and your loved ones to discuss needs, outline options and help you determine the very best 50+ residence option for you. Then, working within the parameters you provide, they can locate a property that fits your needs.

SRES®designees leverage their senior education, experience and network to find properties, determine appropriate offers, and negotiate purchases on your behalf.

Tapping Expertise

When necessary, they can tap a network of experts, such as home inspectors, movers, attorneys, and CPAs, to ensure that the purchase of your new residence, and the move, proceed smoothly.


Or, just call Joe Peters at 908-238-0118 to discuss your questions and needs.  He can refer you to many local resources that can assist you as well.

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