Deeds filed with the Hunterdon County Clerk’s Office through Dec. 7

Deeds filed with the Hunterdon County Clerk’s Office through Dec. 7

The following deeds have been reported to have been recorded in the Hunterdon County Hall of Records in Books 2419, 2420 and 2421 through Dec. 7, 2017:


Angie Doswald to Robert Hendelion, property at 8 Rupells Road, at $350,000.

Mark S. Cody and Tara M. Cody to Neil S. Tiffany, property at 549 County Road 13, at $319,000.

Elizabeth Innella to Bruce Alatary, property at 40 Old Boonton Road, at $99,900.

Joseph A. Glennon to Joanne M. Glennon, property at 346 Creek Road Milford, at $515,000.

Jennifer L. Grossman to Gregory Kokolski and Katherine Kokolski, property at 208 Rick Road, at $347,000.


Charles Edward Nelson to Kevin J. Kelly, Jr. and Kristin A. Kelly, property at 70 Staats Road, at $350,050.

Constance L. Knigge to Matthew S. Wood, property at 222 Asbury-West Portal Road, at $1,200,000.

Jospeh A. Kohan and Lisa K. Kohan to Theresa Conover and Ryan Messinger, property at 12 Kensington Court, at $454,000.

Jospeh Tesauro and Renae B. Tesauro to Robert Moran and Marguerite Moran, property at 14 Woodbrook Drive, at $490,000.


Jennifer Jensen to Trevor Newcomb and Nicole Newcomb, property at 14 Academy Street, at $265,000.

Elissa Curtis and Benson Goodwyn to 10 Center LLC, property at 10 Center Street, at $299,990

Clinton Twp.

Terence J. Braver to Carl R. Meixsell, property at 21 Summit Court, at $161,000.

Rose Investment, Inc. to Jonathan Moss and Simona Moss, property at 158 West Main Street, at $435,000.

Patricia Willis to Albert D. Rylak and Elizabeth Scannell, property at 2 La Jolla Lane, at $455,000.

David J. Williams and Maria C. Williams to Stephen Bennett and Maria Bennett, property at 16 Treeline Drive, at $552,000.

Jamie B. Szewczuk to Patrick Yancey, property at 9 weimer Road, at $290,000.

Dana Botti and Rhett S. Peppi to John C. Turner, property at 24 Weadowview Drive, at $186,000.

Fernando Geraci and Maria Gabriela Geraci to Dale Ann LEta, property at 6 Mission Hills Road, at $268,000.

Kurt Jacobsen and Kathleen A. Jacobsen to Jaroslaw Wierciszewski and Anna Wierciszewski, property at 7 Round Top Drive, at $238,300.

Ryan Duveneck and Ellen Duveneck to Noah Frohlich, property at 115 Westchester Terrace, at $229,000.

Robert P. Schaming to Wettstein Ketih and Dialfonso Nicole, property at 4 Chalfonte Drive, at $415,000.

Fannie Mae to James Valanzola and Nancy Valanzola, property at 274 Stanton Mountain Road, at $199,900.


Emmanuel Patel and Susan Patel to Elhadji Dia, property at 8 Lingert Avenue, at $300,000.

Estate of Walter R. Buczek to Alexander Stiles Bauer, property at 1 Allerton Road, at $330,000.

Kenneth W. Sigvardson to Susan P. Sigvardson, property at 7 Saddle Ridge Drivem at $592,500.

Per Berger to Sallie M. Woods, property at 55 Meadowview Drive, at $189,900.

Brian H. Tarulli and Dyana Tarulli to Borui Liu and Yanhua Yuan, property at 11 Jumping Brook Place, at $333,000.

Charles Most and Christine Most to Lucas Cusimano and Marisa Cusimano, property at 20 Halstead Street, at $575,000.

JFI Property Holdings LLC to Kenneth Marko, Margaret Ann Marko, Justin P. McCabe and Amanda McCabe, property at 36 Red Schoolhouse Road, at $507,500.

James Maroldi to Charles Thomas and Tangeria Thomas, property at 26 Troon Terrace, at $124,400.

William H. Roberts and Maryann P. Roberts to Michael Slavin and Ariann Boylan, property at 2 Orchid Place, at $395,000.

Antje Doyle to Mark A. Dileo, Jr. and Catherine R. Dileo, property at 8 Stanton Grange Road, at $420,000.

Anjit Dandekar to Kyle Ruhl, property at 15 Hickory Court, at $267,000.

LaSalle Bank National Association to Lingert Properties, LLC, property at 38 Lingert Ave., to $160,000.

Anthony G. Piazza to Claudia E. Rocca, property at 55 Sam Bonnell Drive, at $365,000

Thomas O’Sullivan and Doris O’Sullivan to Joanna Smith and Paul Eichert, property at 30 Georges Place, at $305,000.

Delaware Township

Norma J. Cheston to Jon P. Mourar and Graciela Caldero, property at177 Locktown Flemington Road, at $175,000.

Raymond Steele and Annette Dursi to Michael Bord and Dana Maria Bord, property at 18 Dogwood Drive, at $440,000.

540 Rosemont LLC to Sheriff of Hunterdon County, property at 540 Rosemont Ringoes Road, at $153,000.

D. Nils Knutzen and Mary R. Clifford to Charles E. Banks, property at 24 Sandbrook Headquarters Road, at $500,000.

Brian L. Vocke to Laurie L. Vocke, property at 36 Zentek Road, at $330,000.

East Amwell

Thomas P. Thatcher and Gretchen S. Thatcher to Christopher Clark, property at 21 Wagner Road, at $365,000.

Kaitlin Meiser and  Shaun Morris to Matthew Raja and Allison Milack, property at 9 Fox Hunt Road, at $394,900.

Robin A. Hauck to Steven Rivera and Lorena Rivera, property at 19 Vones Lane, at $300,000.


Jeffrey R. Lutley and Claire T. Lutley to Willard h. Richardson and Wendy L. Richardson, property at 35 Spring Street, at $365,000.

Richard Dilley to Nicholas MacKay and Yolanda MacKay, property at 18 East Main Street, at $245,000.

Real Estate Market Update Hunterdon County, NJ

Hunterdon County’s Real Estate Market Conditions | December of 2017

Hunterdon County’s Real Estate Market Conditions | December of 2017

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Get ahead of the real estate market economic and behavior drivers in Hunterdon County, New Jersey with Coldwell Banker Residential Broker sales associate, Joe Peters.

Hunterdon County New Jersey Real Estate Market Conditions (including):

  1. Clinton Township
  2. Flemington
  3. Raritan Township
  4. Readington Township
  5. Clinton

Based on the last full month’s contract sales, statistics show a supply of approximately five months. Normal market conditions average four to six months in Hunterdon County.  Units sold averaged 67 days on the market. 140 properties went “under contract” in November, down from 162 in the prior month. Newly listed properties in the same period totaled 147.

Hunterdon County Inventory Breakdown by Price | November:

New Listings Under Contract Active Listings Month’s Supply
Condos/Town Houses * 42 34 131 4
Over 55 Communities * 9 8 18 2
$000K to $199K 23 27 106 4
$200K to $299K 28 24 119 5
$300K to $399K 33 41 126 3
$400K to $499K 16 24 98 4
$500K to $599K 21 9 102 11
$600K to $699K 10 8 82 10
$700K to $799K 6 2 42 21
$800K to $899K 2 1 19 19
$900K to $999K 3 1 23 23
$1,000K and Up 5 3 63 21
Totals for November 147 140 780 6
Average Price $542,327 $375,793 -30.7%
Average DOM 67
* Included in $ breakdowns

83 % of sales in houses < $500,000

Hunterdon County Sales Breakdown Overview:

  • 17 %of sales in houses > $500,000
  • 5% percent of total sales (or 9 in total) in houses >$700,000

Hunterdon County Inventory Breakdown by Municipality | November

Active Listings Under Contract Month’s Supply
Alexandria Twp. 34 6 6
Bethlehem Twp. 20 3 7
Bloomsbury Boro. 7 0
Califon Boro. 6 1 6
Clinton Town 16 3 5
Clinton Twp. 72 9 8
Delaware Twp. 37 0
East Amwell Twp. 32 6 5
Flemington Boro. 17 1 17
Franklin Twp. 27 6 5
Frenchtown Boro. 26 1 26
Glen Gardner Boro. 15 1 15
Hampton Boro 11 4 3
High Bridge Boro. 21 6 4
Holland twp. 27 4 7
Kingwood Twp. 20 8 3
Lambertville City 18 9 2
Lebanon Boro. 3 4 1
Lebanon Twp. 36 4 9
Milford Boro. 9 0
RaritanTwp. 123 26 5
Readington Twp. 83 23 4
Stockton Boro. 1 0
Tewksbury Twp. 74 9 8
Union Twp. 35 5 7
West Amwell Twp. 10 1 10
Totals 780 140

Four areas in Hunterdon County reported no sales in the past month:

Hunterdon County Sales Breakdown Detailed:

  • Bloomsbury
  • Delaware
  • Milford
  • Stockton

Six areas reported one or two sales each last month:

  • Bloomsbury
  • Califon
  • Flemington
  • Frenchtown
  • Glen Gardner
  • W. Amwell


  • Clinton/Clinton Township – 12 sales
  • Raritan Township – 26 sales
  • Readington Township – 23 sales

Hotspot areas equaled 44% of the sales last month. The average new listing coming on the market last month neared $542,327. The average price of a unit going “under contract” neared $375,792 (31% less).

Note: To get an accurate price point for your property, contact me. Coldwell Banker’s big data technology capabilities will put you at an advantage. Houses priced and marketed accurately sell fast, especially with a real estate industry veteran and local expert helping you navigate the process.

New Jersey’s Economic Drivers:

New Jersey Home Sales:

Home purchase demand increased by  9% in New Jersey during October giving the state its 6th consecutive month of increases. (These numbers run a month behind).  The same number were about 4% in 2016.

New Jersey experienced a compounded growth rate of 14% over the past two years. Sales increased by 5% YTD.

Activity concentrates in the <$400,000 market where Millennial buyers transition into home ownership. During the same period, all housing sales showed increases across all price points showing confidence in the new administration’s plans on taxes and deregulation.

At the same time, the number of homes offered for sale in New Jersey remained low and had recently decreased. The supply decreased by ~ 5,000 homes, compared to a year ago.  Currently, ~33,000 fewer (-46%) homes are on the market compared to the 2011 peak.

Current unsold inventory in New Jersey sits at just under 4.3 months vs. 5.2 months from a year ago.

Hunterdon County has ~10% less inventory, and Somerset County also has ~ 13% less inventory than a year ago.

The fear of increasing interest rates based on future increases, and the Fed’s slightly loosening lending standards affect the current market activity.

Interest Rates:

Interest rates at the end of October rose slightly to a level of just over 3.9% for a 30-year conventional mortgage. A fifteen-year conventional mortgage rests at just under the 3.3% range. Five and seven-year arms are at the 3.3% range as well.

Consumer fears of steadily rising rates and slowly rising home prices impact the current market. The Fed already instituted initial increases in rates and are talking about additional ones. Industry analysts forecast a 4.7% rate by the end of the year, 5% by the end of 2018, and 5.5% by the end of 2019. If the rate increases from 4% to 5%, buyers will lose 9% of their buying power.

Combine that with the steadily increasing prices and consumer confidence, and you have what is driving our current market activity

National Job Front:

US unemployment rate is 4.1%. This is the lowest it has been in over forty+ years ! And, it is a decline of over 70% from the peak which happened in 2009.

On the national level, we reached full recovery in May of 2014 with 2,700,000+ job gains in 2015. Revised figures show a gain of 2,242,000+ in 2016.  Expectations of 2,000,000 jobs in 2017 leave us at  -6% from 2016.

  • The national U-3 unemployment rate stands at 4.1%.
  • U-6 unemployment rate stands at 7.9%

Note: Due to full-time and part-time jobs counted equally by the BLS, numbers differ.  The US economy still needs to create an additional 2,600,000 jobs to reach the same employment rate that existed before the start of the 2007 to 2009 recession.

But, the momentum is building and the result is consumer confidence is the highest since 2004. Great news for the housing industry !

New Jersey Job Front:

NJ unemployment rate increased to 4.9%, bolstering consumer confidence remains high in NJ as well.

New Jersy job growth increased by 65,000+ in 2015, the best in 15 years. Projecting on those numbers, New Jersey’s recession losses would recover by 2017.  To date, we reached 96% of projected numbers. Finalized projected numbers showed 59,000 in 2016. Still good!  Although we still trail the nation, we’re on pace to add 25,000 jobs this year vs. 59,000 being added in 2016 (- 60%).

Thru October, 22,000 additional jobs were added YTD vs. 50,900 for the same period last year.

It should be noted that even though these numbers are disappointing, the levels of the jobs being added at is much higher than in the past several years (a silver lining?).

Rental Market Trends:

Tight Market!

Prior restrictive mortgage standards nudged Millennials to postpone home ownership until later in life than previously seen. These potential buyers live with parents or share rentals. We are starting to see them now re-enter the rental and first-time buyer markets. The average age of our first-time buyer changed from 29 to 37 years over the past five years.  Older Americans impacted by underfunded retirement plans due to the economic downturn rent houses too.

Rental prices in New Jersey rose ~ 10% annually, averaging over $1,300 per unit. Current vacancy rates in New Jersey rest at 3.5%, the lowest in the state and nation (which is at 4.5%).

The drop in New Jersey’s homeownership contributes to rental demand.  A 12+ year trend shows a decrease from  71% to 52%.  This 8% decrease compared to an 8% national decrease contributes to the slower recovery of home prices in the state.  One or two-person households with no children stands at 65%, reflected in our school population.

New Jersey Foreclosures:

New Jersey continues to face high foreclosure rate filings. Other states have begun to, or already have recovered. In tight real estate market, these foreclosures sell at a small discount.

Note:  Figures vary by local market, especially those walloped by Hurricane Sandy three years ago and rural and urban areas. We still rank #1 in the country at 4.0%, followed by NY, LA, MS, ME, FL, MD, PA, MD, RI and DE.  The national baseline number sits at ~ 1.7%.

2016 saw a 3% decrease over the prior year and added a ~ 71,100 filings, compared to 76,800 in 2015.  2017 YTD  foreclosure filings YTD have decreased sllightly with 2016 YTD.  Forecasts project 72,000+ or -3%, putting pressure home prices in concentrated areas.

 Real Estate Market Recap

  • Consumer confidence is high. This is mainly based on the job and stock market increases.
  • 80% of consumers perceive homeownership as part of the American Dream.
  • Millennials make up 24% of homeowners with room for expansion at the lower end of the market with adequate inventory supply.
  • Analysts five-year forecast indicates slow and steady price growth ay an annual 4%.
  • Central New Jersey’s trend for 2016 and early 2017 showed a surge in home sales, but not prices, clustered in < $500,000 market. In 2016, a 1% rise in prices tallied for New Jersey. As inventory builds, prices will rise.
  • In 2017 prices rose ~ 4% in the more popular price points with ideal locations. Projections for 2017 rest at 5% by the end of the year.  Houses priced <$400,000 for first-time buyers, and Millennials experience greater pricing fluctuations.
  • The >$600K market holds steady to diminishing slightly, depending on location and price.  Often when a >$600K property goes on the market, it’s competing with a >$700K that needs to sell quickly.
  • People in their home > 10 years think about making a change with a healthy economy.  Home equity built up and a more significant portion of payments applies to principle.  Increases in pricing motives people to make changes or even start a new business with the extra equity cash.
  • Minimal new construction adds additional value to the current inventory.
  • Foreclosures help to offset fewer listings.

Hunterdon County


Either as a seller or buyer, navigate this real estate market with me!

  • Low-interest rates
  • Pent-up demand
  • Active market with increasing prices in the more popular price points and locations
  • High consumer confidence

Call me at 908-238-0118 to discuss your situation, and I’ll put my expertise and access to big data to work for you.

Note:  Presented as a public service by Joe Peters of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage. I took reasonable precautions presenting this information. Please consult with a professional sales agent and take no actions based on my opinions, gathered trends, and statistics.  I assume no liability.


Hunterdon County’s Hazardous Waste Clean Up Day Returns to Hunterdon County

Hunterdon County’s Hazardous Waste Clean Up Day Returns to Hunterdon CountyHazardous Waste Clean-up Day

November 18, 2017
March 10, 2018

9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
314 State Route 12, Hunterdon County Complex, Flemington, NJ 08822


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Hunterdon County Real Estate Market Update

Hunterdon County’s Real Estate Market Conditions – as of September of 2017

Hunterdon County’s August sales active with 170 homes sold 

Below are the latest Hunterdon County’s Real Estate Market Conditions, including Clinton Township, Flemington, Raritan Township, Readington Township and the Town of Clinton. This information is provided by courtesy of Hunterdon County Realtor Joe Peters.

In August of 2017, 170 properties went “under contract” in Hunterdon County, down from the 175 “under contract” properties in the prior month. During that same period, 195 properties were newly listed.  Based on the most current month’s contract sales, statistics compiled show an overall current supply of about 5 months (4 to 6 months is a normal market) for Hunterdon County, with an average of 66 days on the market for the units that were sold.

  Hunterdon County's Real Estate Market

Sales broke down as follows:

  • 75 percent of sales were in houses under $500,000
  • Leaving 25 percent of sales were in houses more than $500,000
  • And, only 6 percent of those sales (or 11 sales) were in houses more than $700,000

Hunterdon County's Real Estate Market Report by Municipalities Only one area in Hunterdon County reported no sales at all in the past month:

  • Bloobsbury

And, these seven areas had only had one or two sales each last month:

  • Califon
  • Town of Clinton
  • Hampton
  • Lebanon Boro.
  • Milford
  • Stockton
  • W Amwell

At the same time, there were the several usual hot spots:

  • Clinton/Clinton Township with 24 sales
  • Raritan Township with 26 sales
  • Readington Township with 19 sales

These three areas combined for 40% of the sales in Hunterdon County last month. The average new listing coming on the market last month was at nearly $488,731 while the average price of a unit going “under contract” was at nearly $401,567 or 18% less.

Note:  In order to get a true picture of the status of your particular property, this needs to be done by price point within your specific town.  I do this as part of my research when listing a property and can do it for you.  I also can show you how the market is currently trending for your particular town.  Just give me a call.

Houses that are priced properly are selling. There is a current market for them with many active buyers. But more than ever, buyers and sellers need to be working with an experienced agent who has a strong grasp of the market conditions specific to your local area. I can share information on all of these statistics with you. Just call me at 908-238-0118. I can offer you knowledgeable and proven advice based upon my more than 20 years of experience, with a special emphasis on Hunterdon County.

Other conditions impacting sales in our area are:

New Jersey Home Sales:

Home purchase demand increased by 5% in New Jersey during July (these numbers run a month behind),  giving the state a 3rd consecutive month of increases.  This gives NJ a compounded growth rate of 7% over the past two years.

July’s gain w as the highest number of purchase contracts in that month over the past 12 years. And, NJ sales have increased by 6% YTD.

Activity has been most widely seen in the under $400,000 market where the millennial buyers are most active as they transition in to home ownership.  During the same period luxury housing sales showed an increase showing confidence in the new administration’s plans on taxes and deregulation.

At the same time, the number of homes being offered for sale in New Jersey, has remained low, and has recently decreased.  The supply has decreased by some 7,100 homes as compared to a year ago or minus 14%.  And, there are currently 29,000+ fewer (-40%) homes on the market in New Jersey than there were at our peak in NJ in 2011.

The current unsold inventory in New Jersey sits at just under 4.3 month vs. 5.3  months a year ago. Hunterdon County has almost 19% less inventory and Somerset County has 9% less inventory than just a year ago.

Current increasing interest rates (combined with the fear of higher interest rates in the future) combined with the Fed’s slightly loosening lending standards seems to be driving the current market activity.

Interest Rates:

Interest rates at the end of August have recently stayed at just under the 4% level at 3.9% for a 30 year conventional mortgage. A fifteen year conventional mortgages is at just under the 3.15% range. Five and seven year arms are also at the 3.15% range.

The combination of the fear of steadily rising rates and slowly rising home prices is a driving factor in the current market.   And, the Fed has already instituted initial increases in rates and are currently talking about more to come. Most industry experts are forecasting  a 4.7% rate by the end of the year, 5% by the end of of 2018 and 5.5% by the end of 2019. If the rate merely increases form 4% to 5%, buyers will loose 9% of their buying power.

National and New Jersey Job Front:

On the national level the US reached full recovery in May of 2014 and saw an increase of 2,700,000+ in 2015. Revised figures show a gain of 2,242,000+ in 2016 . And, we are on track to add 2.1000,000 jobs in 2017 (a decrease of 6% from 2016).

The national U-3 unemployment rate stand at 4.3% at the end of June.  It should be noted, due to full-time and part-time jobs being counted equally by the BLS, these numbers are misleading. Actually, the US Economy still needs to create nearly an additional 2.6+ Million jobs to achieve the same employment situation that existed prior to the start of the 2007 to 2009 recession and the U-6 unemployment rate actually stand at 8.7%

NJ job growth increase by 65,000+ jobs in 2015 (the best in 15 years). At that pace, NJ was on track to recover all of its jobs lost in the recession by 2017 (3 years later than the national level) and has recovered about 96% of those jobs to date.

Finalized numbers show that this number was more in the range of 59,000 in 2016 (also good).

In March and May, NJ reported large decreases in jobs jobs resulting in a net increase of jobs in the first five months of 2017 of only 100 as compared to 15,700 over the same period in the prior year. In June and July 24,700 additional jobs were added giving the state a net gain of 28,600 jobs YTD vs. 40,200 for the same period last year.

NJ still trails the nation and is on pace to add 41,900 jobs for the year vs. 59,000 being added in 2016.

The NJ unemployment rate has increased slightly to 4.3% which is now at the overall US rate of 4.3%.

Still consumer confidence in NJ seems to remain high.

Rental Market Trends:

Prior restrictive mortgage standards have forced younger age buyers (millennials) to postpone their transition to home ownership until later in life than was previously seen.  For the most part, these potential buyers have been living with mom and dad or sharing rentals with others in the same situation.

Yet, we are starting to see them now re-enter the rental and first time buyer markets.

The average age of our first time buyer is reported to have risen from 29 to 37 years over the past five years.

And, many older age households are selling their homes and moving into rentals to close their gap in underfunded retirement plans which were affected by the recent economic downturns.

The net result of these actions are continuing to cause rental prices to quickly rise in New Jersey (about +10% annually) and keeping rental inventory extremely low. We currently have a 3.4% vacancy rate in NJ (with the average rental price topping $1,300).

Contributing to the demand in rentals is the drop in home ownership in NJ which has dropped from 71% to 62% over the past 12+ years.  This is a drop of nearly 13% in NJ as compared to a drop of nearly 8% at the national level and contributes to the slower recovery of home prices in the state.  Also affecting it is the increase in 1 or 2 person households that have no children (now 65%).  This is also reflected in our school population.

As a result of this shift, there are now nearly 300,000 more renters in NJ and very few rentals available.


NJ continues to face very high foreclosure rate filings while other states have begun to, or already have recovered.

This figure varies widely by local market.  It is also impacted greatly in areas hit particularly hard by hurricane Sandy (which was just about three years ago).  Also the rural and urban areas have the highest concentration of foreclosures.

NJ still ranks as number one in the country at 4.3% followed by NY and then LA, MS , ME, FL, MD and DE.  Nationally this number is just around 1.7%.

NJ experienced a slightly decreased rate in foreclosure filings. In 2016 there was a 3% decrease over the prior year and added an additional nearly 71,100 filings as compared to 76,800 in 2015.  In 2017 foreclosure filings in NJ are forecasted to be in the vicinity 0f 75,000. These foreclosures will continue to add pressure to home prices (especially in areas where they are concentrated).

The positive news is that in a market starved for inventory, these foreclosures are now only selling at a small discount.


Last year, 2016 was not a normal year from the elections viewpoint to the US and NJ economy viewpoint.

And, we did not have a severe winter which has kept the buyers out (also not normal).

2017 has started off strong with increases in the stock market, interest rates and, as a result, an increased consumer confidence.  The affordability index is also fueling this confidence.

Yet, industry forecasters are concerned that this confidence could begin to diminish as interest rates and prices continue to rise.

We saw surge in home sales  (but not prices) in central NJ in 2016 and early 2017.  Especially in the sub $500,000 market.  We are plagued my not having enough inventory in those more popular price points and these sales increases could be even better if we had more inventory.  But, as inventory builds up as prices continue to rise (and people are no longer under water), this should have a positive effect on prices.  In 2016 we saw a less than 1% rise in prices in NJ.  In 2017 prices have already risen by about 4% in the more popular price points. And, it is dependent on location and price point.

Year over year in 2017 we have seen a 4% rise so far and it is predicted the this should rise to 5% by end of year in NJ.  Once again, this dependent on location and price point

We are also seeing people in their home over 10 years thinking about making a change.   They were reluctant over the past five or so years because of the poor economy.  Their equity has built back up and they now can more comfortably make a change and is now rising greatly as the portion of payments going towards principal has increased. Also, the increase in pricing is fueling this.

We are seeing the most effect on prices in the under $400K markets where the first time buyers and millennials are shopping.  The just over $600K market is holding steady to diminishing slightly depending on location and price.  A lot of times when a $600K property come on the market, it is completing with a $700K that really needs to sell is and now in the $600s competing with them (and so on…). And, in the higher price points there is definite pressure on pricing.

There is also minimal new construction in  our area which adds additional value to the current inventory.

And, the foreclosures are to some extent helping to offset the fewer listings.

Net, net:  As either a seller or buyer, the time could not be better to be in the market.  We still have low (but increasing) interest rates, a pent up demand from both a buyer and seller viewpoint and a very active market with increasing prices in the more popular price points.  Give me a call at 908-238-0118 to discuss your particular situation and let me put my expertise to work for you.

Note: The information presented is deemed accurate but not reliable or guaranteed. Reasonable precautions were taken in the preparation and presentation of this information to ensure accuracy, but the author assumed no liability for any actions taken based on this information. Some opinions expressed represent forecasts of economic conditions as the impact real estate values. All such information is solely conjecture and should be regarded as opinion only and not serve as the sole basis of any financial decision.

Presented as a public service by Joe Peters of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

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Home for sale that is now sold

Deeds filed with the Hunterdon County Clerk’s Office through July 28

Deeds filed with the Hunterdon County Clerk’s Office through July 28


The following deeds have been reported to have been recorded in the Hunterdon County Hall of Records in Books 2408 and 2409 through July 28, 2017:


Patrice L. Holloway to Adam C. Pembleton and Jennifer L. Pembleton, property at 18 Indian Creek Road, for $505,000.

Bethlehem Township

Patricia A. Moonjian to John T. Duffy Jr., property at 27 Thrush Lane, for $342,500.

Stephen J. Granger and Kimberly D. Granger to Steven Hawkins and Bonnie Hawkins, property at 102 Hoffman Lane, for $508,000.


Kevin M. Russo and Christina M. Russo o Donna L. Triplett, property at 9 Spring Brookd Drive, for $355,000.

Clinton Township

Jacques Lusssan and Michele Lussan to Sandra J. Phelps, property at 17 Pinehurst Circle, for $342,000.

Steven W. Higgins and Sharon C. Higgins to Patricia S. Daley and Mary Frances Daley, property at 19 Water St., for $270,000.

Paul Severini and Gabrielle Severini to Therese A. Dolan, property at 25 Foxfire Lane, for $619,000.

Yancy Oshita and Jill Oshita to John H. O’Connor and Debra K. O’Connor, property at 68 Westgate Drive, for $487,000.

Delaware Township

Eleanor Plummer and Kris Siess to Elaine Lynette Smith and Colette Fanning, property at 78 Brookville Hollow Road, for $449,000.

East Amwell

Sandra L. Crater to Abdul Dawlatzai and Nazifa, property at 70 Old York Road, for $165,000.

Emily J. Gros and Donald J. Caggiano to Brookfield Relocation Inc., property at 12 Laga Court, for $650,000.

Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Douglas G. Sutphen and Tara L. Sutphen, property at 12 Laga Court, for $650,000.


Mark G. Gormly and Annette Gormly to Paul A. Gormly, property at 15 Mine St., for $235,000.

Premium Outlet Partners, L.P. to Countryside Plaza Affordable Housing, LLC, properties at 34 Stangl Road and 2 Reasoner Lane, for $300,000.

Scot C. Rule and Kathleeen C. Rule to Brian Weidlich and Christine Flanigan, property at 8 Bonnell St., for $372,000.

Franklin Township

James B. Simpson, executor of the estate of Joyce Lynn Simpson, to Ryan Rutherfod and Tamara Petrosino, property at 10 Woodland Road, for $310,000.

High Bridge

Fannie Mae to Primeri Holms LLC, property at 12 Overlook Drive, for $33,000.

Paul L. Wexler and Sophie Wexler to Otto W. Wagga, property at 36 MacArthur St., for $294,000.

Curtis L. Sims to Kelly M. Steimle, property at 80-82 Washington Ave., for $241,000.

Holland Township

Dennis H. Hamlin, executor to Matthew D. Walker and April R. Walker, property at 6 Elmhurst Road, for $210,000.

Barton C. Lambert and Michelle C. Lambert to Michael Fitzsimmons and Kim Ann Fitzsimmons, property at 5 Elmhurst Road, for $255,000.

James E. Miller and Lois Miller to Arthur Strain, property at 400 Bellis Road, for $200,000.

Michael J. Panicaro and Laura V. Panicaro to Anthony R. Robertson, property at 170 Rummel Road, for $299,000.

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. to Vincent James Ferraro, property at 7 Mill Road, for $38,500.


Geroge Herlfrich and Wai Yee Wong to Karen June Tome and Nancy Keener, property at 152 N. Union St., for $615,000.

Milagros Montemayor to Clayton M. Smith and Colleen A. Considine, property at 55 George St., for $400,000.

Thomas Hood and Monica Hood to EVIO, LLC, property at 61 York St., for $193,000.

U.S. National Bank Association to Laura A. Cooper and Douglas A. Stokes, property at 1234 Route 179, for $219,450.


William Rigoppoulos and Eleanor Rigoppoulos to Susan J. Woods and Sallie M. Woods, trustees of the Woods Living Trust, property at 10 Betty Court, for $250,000.

Lebanon Township

Estate of John Walter Dunlap to Kevin Reavey, property at 476 West Hill Road, for $245,000.

The Bank of New York Mellon to Ryan Wageman and Sarah M . Ortman, property at 4 Kelly Court, for $240,000.

Raritan Township

Clifford J. Allligood Jr. and Jacqueline Alligood to Shekhar Yerramilli and Andrea Yerramilli, property at 1 Kentview Court, for $750,000.

Frank Luster Sr. to Arthur J. Elliott, property at 3 Old Croton Road, for $165,000.

Joseph M. Moronese Jr. and Dana L. DeVito to Justin Mentuck and Courtney Dameron, property at 11 Millbrook Road, for $373,000.

Christy Schmerer to Nicholas C. Tsentas and Melanie L. Hunt, property at 44 Old Clinton Road, for $390,000.

Fannie Mae to Andrew Chanlam and Youngn Chanlam, property at 724 Apple Court, for $184,000.

Robert M. Deprizio and Suzanne F. Deprizio to Christopher Spuler, property at 10 Packers Island Lane, for $557,500.

Leonard M. Corn to Qing Luo, property at 20 Neshanic Drive, for $533,000.

Christopher Spuler to Ani Dalia and Nisha Dalia, property at 15 Orchard Drive, for $428,000.

Readington Township

Kyle K. Millage and Heather L. Millage to William N. Kovacs and Michelle M. Kovacs, property at 29 Clark Court, for $485,000.

Diane M. Baker and Steven M. Baker to Gerard S. Perret and Kimberly T. Perret, property at 298 Kingwood Court, for $154,000.

Christopher DeVito and Kelly DeVito to Romuald Solomko and Zhanna Solomko, property at 808 South Branch Drive, for $330,000.

Toll NJ I, LLC to Kenneth A. Orlando, property at 135 Van Cleef Drive, for $577,954.

Mark Sharon and Jamie Gordon to Jenna R. Delmonte, property at 2 Tavern Lane, for $350,000.

Michael Shulha and Maria Shulha to Stanley Zawistowski, property at 27 Casper Bergen Road, for $475,000.

Toll NJ I, LLC to Timothy Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Fitzgerald, property at 137 Van Cleef Drive, for $561, 127.


Charles M. Chapin, III and Jean M. Chapin to Frank Schwab and Elena Schwab, property at 31 Cold Brook Road, for $2,235,000.

Bruce R. Fadem, executor of the estate of Irene T. Fitzpatrick, to Christopher J. Glowacki and Allison F. Smith, property at 44 Felmley Road, for $487,500.

Anthony E. Thomas and Cherri Imelda Thomas to Jonathan Pereira and Twinkal Shah, property at 29 Meadow Lane, for $850,000.

Union Township

Wells Fargo Bank, NA to Daren O. Errico, property at 20 Finn Road, for $219,000.

West Amwell

Stephen N. Allen and Stella Joy Allen to Christopher Allen and Susan Bannon, property at 28 Wilson Road, for $185,000.


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