Hunterdon County Deeds filed through Jan 29th

The following deeds have been reported as recorded in the Hunterdon County Hall of Records in Book 2371 through Feb. 12, 2016:


Joan Tolan to Susan Ely, property at 13 School St. for $255,000.
Clinton Township

David Miller to 4 Beaver Avenue LLC, property at 4 Beaver Ave. for $150,000.

Daniel Hinojosa and Karol Hinojosa to Christopher M. Ilg and Tara E. Feury, property at 14 Wales Court for $418,750.

Robert D. Goodman and Rochelle A. Makela Goodman to Carolyn Donchevich and Phillip Donchevich, property at 4 Bennington Road for $490,000.

Heather A. Elliott to Robert N. D’Ambola and Cynthia D’Ambola, property at 63 La Costa Drive for $439,000.
Delaware Township

Donald Cegielski and Bernice Cegielski to Steven R. Lindner, property at 67 Pine Hill Road for $296,000.

Angelina G. Leone to Joshua McGann, Michael Peccarelli and Debbie Peccarelli, property at 55 Biser Road for $455,000.
Franklin Township

Paul Dopp to Bradley Thomas Gugel and Miranda Lynn McKee, property at 65 Sidney Road for $415,000.

Louis Parisi and Doreen Parisi to Patrick J. Frigiola, property at 2 Camila Drive for $8,000.

Jackmark Properties, LLC to Gabigail, LLC, property at Jackson Street / 170 Washington St. for $121,000.

Alyssa Jo Solimene to Christopher B. Willean and Meghann Willean, property at 3 Crabapple Cove for $235,000.
High Bridge

Michael E. Melitski and Ellen L. Melitski to Matthew R. Dillon and Jennifer L. Canale, property at 2 Deer Run Drive for $215,000.

Beverly Hiles to Luis Matta-Malaga and Colleen Matta-Malaga, property at 8 Michael Lane for $300,000.
Holland Township

Fannie Mae to Rhodes Yepsen and Rachel Case, property at 86 Phillips Road for $240,000.

George G. Evans III to Grand Depot Partners, LLC, property at 32 North Union St. for $2,030,000.

Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas to Ranch Holdings, LLC, property at 1256 Route 31 for $178,000.
Raritan Township

Bank of America, National Association to 400 Route 202, LLC, property at 400 Route 202 for $701,007.

Robert J. Gilligan and Andrea M. Gilligan to Prashant B. Patel and Bridget B. Potts, property at 172 Old Clinton Road for $495,001.

Barbara Furze to Angelina Leone, property at 35 Joseph Drive for $292,500.

James Tagliareni to Edward Koziatek and Brenda Koziatek, property at 311 Highway 31 for $122,500.

Rainbow Rascals Flemington, LLC to JMB Acquisitions, LLC, property at 43 Barley Sheaf Road for $1,035,000.

Debra Ann Virgilio and Edward T. Zyck to Lyle J. Anderson and Kelly L. Anderson, property at 147 Highway 202/31 S. for $244,800.

Daniel Myer and Rita Myer to Daniel Beck and Laura Beck, property at 1 Buckeye Lane for $1,050,000.

Mitchell Stevelman and Taswan Stevelman to Steven P. Tompkins and Kathleen M. Tompkins, property at 13 Hamilton St. for $420,000.
Readington Township

Michael D. Kastello and Diane C. Kastello to Kristina Domingues and Jeffrey J. Stier, Jr., property at 17 Hageman Road for $650,000.

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. to Anthony Politz and Rose Politz, property at 2 Bobwhite Road for $340,000.


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Hunterdon County Deeds filed through Jan 29th

The following deeds have been reported to have been recorded in the Hunterdon County Hall of Records in Book 2369 & 2370 through Jan. 29, 2016:

Alexandria Township

Stephanie L. Steger to Eugene A. Labonia and Christina M. Labonia, property at 1 Dark Hollow Lane for $487,500.

Marvin R. Segreaves to Kenneth Loesser, property at 553 Woolf Road for $250,000.

Mark A. Heitmann and Diane Heitmann to Jose A. Sanabria and Soraya S. Sanabria, property at 190 Rick Road for $432,000.

Steven R. Stanaback to Roberto Rivera and Carolina Rivera, property at 24 Hoffman Drive for $305,000.

Wells Fargo Financial New Jersey, Inc. to Paul Yarussi and Joselyn Yarussi, property at 52 Rolling Hill Road for $215,000.
Clinton Township

Richard K. Olson and Evelyn T. Olson to John Wilson and Maria Wilson, property at 17 Willow Brook Lane for $532,000.

Jason R. Newcomb and Deborah J. Newcomb to Jason Beim and Christine LaFiura, property at 3 Huntington Drive for $532,000.

Frank J, Schaefer and Nell A. Schaefer to Donato Curcio and Lisa A. Curcio, property at 353 Cokesbury Road for $337,000.

David Lomonte and Patrizia Lomonte to Timothy Walters and Katia Walters, property at 305 Cokesbury Road for $325,000.

Myra Nenna to Alejandro Padilla and Mariaelena Padilla, property at 4 Seven Springs Road for $540,000.

Katherine Ann Bowkley and Debra Lee Martens to Robert S. Sabattis and Karen E. Sabattis, property at 25 Maple Ave. for $305,000.

Jeffrey Newland and Diane P. Newland to Aubrey Delossantos and Angel De Los Santos, property at 7 Twin Oaks Lane for $430,000.

Mary P. Mullaney to Francisco De La Torre and Natascha B. De La Torre, property at 18 Tine Road for $352,450.
Delaware Township

Lavina L. Slawinski to Rosalind Westlake and Steven Smotrich, property at 662 Rosemont Ringoes Road for $180,000.

Debra A. Kraemer and Robert R. Kraemer to Melissa Anderson, property at 132 Upper Creek Road for $345,000.

Jeanette M. Carson to Eric Barker, property at 31 Sandbrook Headquarters Road for $137,500.
Franklin Township

Matthew R. Ince and Meredith F. Spera-Ince to Kathleen E. Lewis, property at 1016 Croton Road for $395,000.

Brinkerhoff Enterprises, Inc. to Randall Carlin and Debra Carlin, property at 10 Quaker Ridge Court for $774,900.

Abigail A. Brooks to Stephanie Kenney, property at 24-26 Bridge St. for $352,000.

George R. Beck and Elsie E. Beck to Ranch Holdings, LLC, property at 810 Milford Road for $80,000.

Mary F. Farrow to Timothy Lovett and Eileen Lovett, property at 115 Hockenbury Drive for $399,000.
Glen Gardner

Ivon Creagh to Nibaldo Creagh, property at 89 Mount Kipp Road for $118,914.93.
High Bridge

Frank Bevacqua and Lisa Bevacqua to Veronica M. Hrinyak and James Hallahan, property at 5 Taylor St. for $235,000.

Ivon Creagh to Nibaldo Creagh, property at 14-16 Church St. for $60,471.10.

Pankaj Amin and Kirtikumari Amin to Erin E. Toye and Charles Toye, property at 23 Arch St. for $129,900.
Holland Township

Russell H. Morris Jr. and Lisa A. Morris to Michael Vincent Murphy and Stacy Marie Murphy, property at 8 Charles Road for $309,000.

Mary E. Smith to Heritage Conservancy, Inc., property at Bellis Road for $504,550.

Yvonne Colnett and Darryl Colnett to Carmela Vuoso-Murphy, property at 406 Hunt Drive for $125,000.

William H. Kreilick Jr. to Theresa A. Flaherty and Carolanne Cairns, property at 115 Douglas St. for $219,900.

Linda S. Richman to Katherine Nicole Wex and Paulette Gangemi, property 171 North Union St., #3 for $215,000.

David Hall to Wayne Miller and Ellen Miller, property at 20 Water St. for $170,000.
Raritan Township

Dale M. Walker Jr. to Steven Gill, property at 89 Featherbed Lane for $75,000.

Catrina E. Smith to Michael Bruno and Virginia Bruno, property at 4 Chesterfield Court for $288,000.

Paul Ramee and Caren D. Ramee to Manikandan Subbiah and Mary J. Fernando, property at 99 Becks Boulevard for $527,000.

Lisa Harper to Zoaf LLC, property at 11 Brentwood Court for $282,000.

Henry B. Passarotti and Donna J. Passarotti to Darrell J. White and Emily J. White, property at 46 Madison Ave. for $452,000.

Captial One, N.A. to Paul Smith, property at 612 Village Commons for $120,499.

Eric Y. Sheu and Julie M. Sheu to Cara A. Miscia, property at 6 Devonshire Court for $312,000.

William Cordero and Ana Cordero to Robert Ransone and Michelle Ransone, property at 15 Britton Drive for $300,000.

Raritan Valley Developers Inc. to Carole A. Catucci, property at 110 Samson Drive for $310,365.

Ellen Lanicca to Michael Bruno and Virginia Bruno, property at 17 Haddenford Drive for $320,000.

Zelda R. Moss to Jason A. Karpinski and Lauren Karpinski, property at 26 Olive Court for $238,000.
Readington Township

TOLL NJ I, LLC to Richard R. Romm and Wendy W. Romm, property at 27 Ditmar Boulevard for $645,687.

TOLL NJ I, LLC to John M. Valeriani Jr. and Deborah Valeriani, property at 41 Ditmar Boulevard for $652,942.

Timothy J. Hunter and Donna M. Hunter to Vasant M. Patel and Sonal V. Patal, property at 5 Magriet Road for $697,500.

Marian Yankowski to Matthew S. Hollowell, property at 104 Dreahook Road for $175,000.

Robert Chiaravalloti and Mariangela Chiaravalloti to Sumeet Singh and Manpareet Kaur, property at 23 Dogwood Drive for $745,000.

Donald G. Fahey and Joyce U. Fahey to Grace Encalada and Gabriel Ovalle, property at 13 Devore Road for $498,000.

TOLL NJ I, LLC, to John Anthony Fallone and Helen Fallone, property at 65 Ditmar Boulevard for $587,715.
Tewksbury Township

Richmond Bates and Lillian Bates to Jessica L. Turner and Jason J. Mansilla, property at 71 Big Spring Road for $557,000.

Lois Ferguson to Oldwick Realty, LLC, property at 51 Old Turnpike Road for $352,000.

U. S. Bank Association to ONS Investments, LLC, property at 3 Indian Lane for $588,000.

Thai Hi Lee to Shi International Corp., property at 55, 57 and 59 Welsh Road for $4,000,000.

Lillian L. Yannell to Armin Schlotterbeck and Elissa Schlotterbeck, property at 61 Farmersville Road for $1,200,000.

Dennis A. Patch to Robert M. Smith and Vincenza Smith, property at 52 Farmersville Road for $200,000.

Henry S. Protinsky and Joanne M. Protinsky to Ellen O’Connell, property at 14 Salter’s Farm Road for $600,000.
Union Township

Lorraine Lopez to Elizabeth Panzarino and Frank Panzarino, property at 725 Marudy Drive for $195,000.

William Dixon to Ian P. Doyle and Cristina M. Maher, property at 491 Route 614 for $325,000.
West Amwell

Courtland Storck and Denise Storck to James S. Camp and John Thompson, property at 315 Goat Hill Road for $630,000.

Daniel Beck and Laura Beck to Frederick A. Dietrick, property at 22 Rose Run for $610,500.

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