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Deeds filed with the Hunterdon County Clerk’s Office through July 28

Deeds filed with the Hunterdon County Clerk’s Office through July 28


The following deeds have been reported to have been recorded in the Hunterdon County Hall of Records in Books 2408 and 2409 through July 28, 2017:


Patrice L. Holloway to Adam C. Pembleton and Jennifer L. Pembleton, property at 18 Indian Creek Road, for $505,000.

Bethlehem Township

Patricia A. Moonjian to John T. Duffy Jr., property at 27 Thrush Lane, for $342,500.

Stephen J. Granger and Kimberly D. Granger to Steven Hawkins and Bonnie Hawkins, property at 102 Hoffman Lane, for $508,000.


Kevin M. Russo and Christina M. Russo o Donna L. Triplett, property at 9 Spring Brookd Drive, for $355,000.

Clinton Township

Jacques Lusssan and Michele Lussan to Sandra J. Phelps, property at 17 Pinehurst Circle, for $342,000.

Steven W. Higgins and Sharon C. Higgins to Patricia S. Daley and Mary Frances Daley, property at 19 Water St., for $270,000.

Paul Severini and Gabrielle Severini to Therese A. Dolan, property at 25 Foxfire Lane, for $619,000.

Yancy Oshita and Jill Oshita to John H. O’Connor and Debra K. O’Connor, property at 68 Westgate Drive, for $487,000.

Delaware Township

Eleanor Plummer and Kris Siess to Elaine Lynette Smith and Colette Fanning, property at 78 Brookville Hollow Road, for $449,000.

East Amwell

Sandra L. Crater to Abdul Dawlatzai and Nazifa, property at 70 Old York Road, for $165,000.

Emily J. Gros and Donald J. Caggiano to Brookfield Relocation Inc., property at 12 Laga Court, for $650,000.

Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Douglas G. Sutphen and Tara L. Sutphen, property at 12 Laga Court, for $650,000.


Mark G. Gormly and Annette Gormly to Paul A. Gormly, property at 15 Mine St., for $235,000.

Premium Outlet Partners, L.P. to Countryside Plaza Affordable Housing, LLC, properties at 34 Stangl Road and 2 Reasoner Lane, for $300,000.

Scot C. Rule and Kathleeen C. Rule to Brian Weidlich and Christine Flanigan, property at 8 Bonnell St., for $372,000.

Franklin Township

James B. Simpson, executor of the estate of Joyce Lynn Simpson, to Ryan Rutherfod and Tamara Petrosino, property at 10 Woodland Road, for $310,000.

High Bridge

Fannie Mae to Primeri Holms LLC, property at 12 Overlook Drive, for $33,000.

Paul L. Wexler and Sophie Wexler to Otto W. Wagga, property at 36 MacArthur St., for $294,000.

Curtis L. Sims to Kelly M. Steimle, property at 80-82 Washington Ave., for $241,000.

Holland Township

Dennis H. Hamlin, executor to Matthew D. Walker and April R. Walker, property at 6 Elmhurst Road, for $210,000.

Barton C. Lambert and Michelle C. Lambert to Michael Fitzsimmons and Kim Ann Fitzsimmons, property at 5 Elmhurst Road, for $255,000.

James E. Miller and Lois Miller to Arthur Strain, property at 400 Bellis Road, for $200,000.

Michael J. Panicaro and Laura V. Panicaro to Anthony R. Robertson, property at 170 Rummel Road, for $299,000.

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. to Vincent James Ferraro, property at 7 Mill Road, for $38,500.


Geroge Herlfrich and Wai Yee Wong to Karen June Tome and Nancy Keener, property at 152 N. Union St., for $615,000.

Milagros Montemayor to Clayton M. Smith and Colleen A. Considine, property at 55 George St., for $400,000.

Thomas Hood and Monica Hood to EVIO, LLC, property at 61 York St., for $193,000.

U.S. National Bank Association to Laura A. Cooper and Douglas A. Stokes, property at 1234 Route 179, for $219,450.


William Rigoppoulos and Eleanor Rigoppoulos to Susan J. Woods and Sallie M. Woods, trustees of the Woods Living Trust, property at 10 Betty Court, for $250,000.

Lebanon Township

Estate of John Walter Dunlap to Kevin Reavey, property at 476 West Hill Road, for $245,000.

The Bank of New York Mellon to Ryan Wageman and Sarah M . Ortman, property at 4 Kelly Court, for $240,000.

Raritan Township

Clifford J. Allligood Jr. and Jacqueline Alligood to Shekhar Yerramilli and Andrea Yerramilli, property at 1 Kentview Court, for $750,000.

Frank Luster Sr. to Arthur J. Elliott, property at 3 Old Croton Road, for $165,000.

Joseph M. Moronese Jr. and Dana L. DeVito to Justin Mentuck and Courtney Dameron, property at 11 Millbrook Road, for $373,000.

Christy Schmerer to Nicholas C. Tsentas and Melanie L. Hunt, property at 44 Old Clinton Road, for $390,000.

Fannie Mae to Andrew Chanlam and Youngn Chanlam, property at 724 Apple Court, for $184,000.

Robert M. Deprizio and Suzanne F. Deprizio to Christopher Spuler, property at 10 Packers Island Lane, for $557,500.

Leonard M. Corn to Qing Luo, property at 20 Neshanic Drive, for $533,000.

Christopher Spuler to Ani Dalia and Nisha Dalia, property at 15 Orchard Drive, for $428,000.

Readington Township

Kyle K. Millage and Heather L. Millage to William N. Kovacs and Michelle M. Kovacs, property at 29 Clark Court, for $485,000.

Diane M. Baker and Steven M. Baker to Gerard S. Perret and Kimberly T. Perret, property at 298 Kingwood Court, for $154,000.

Christopher DeVito and Kelly DeVito to Romuald Solomko and Zhanna Solomko, property at 808 South Branch Drive, for $330,000.

Toll NJ I, LLC to Kenneth A. Orlando, property at 135 Van Cleef Drive, for $577,954.

Mark Sharon and Jamie Gordon to Jenna R. Delmonte, property at 2 Tavern Lane, for $350,000.

Michael Shulha and Maria Shulha to Stanley Zawistowski, property at 27 Casper Bergen Road, for $475,000.

Toll NJ I, LLC to Timothy Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Fitzgerald, property at 137 Van Cleef Drive, for $561, 127.


Charles M. Chapin, III and Jean M. Chapin to Frank Schwab and Elena Schwab, property at 31 Cold Brook Road, for $2,235,000.

Bruce R. Fadem, executor of the estate of Irene T. Fitzpatrick, to Christopher J. Glowacki and Allison F. Smith, property at 44 Felmley Road, for $487,500.

Anthony E. Thomas and Cherri Imelda Thomas to Jonathan Pereira and Twinkal Shah, property at 29 Meadow Lane, for $850,000.

Union Township

Wells Fargo Bank, NA to Daren O. Errico, property at 20 Finn Road, for $219,000.

West Amwell

Stephen N. Allen and Stella Joy Allen to Christopher Allen and Susan Bannon, property at 28 Wilson Road, for $185,000.


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Deeds filed with the Hunterdon County Clerk’s Office through July 21

Hunterdon County Deeds

Deeds filed with the Hunterdon County Clerk’s Office through July 21

The following deeds have been reported to have been recorded in the Hunterdon County Hall of Records in Books 2407 and 2408 through July 21, 2017:


William E. Hall and Lillian A. Hall to Mark G. Hill and Chelsea M. Hill, property at 62 Little York-Pattenburg Road, for $360,000.

Bethlehem Township

John S. Bitow and Phyllis Bitow to James Creveling, property at 60 Staats Road, for $160,000.


Gail E. Bragin to Sheryl L. Myers, property at 73 Brunswick Ave., for $250,000.


Yan Meng to Mohmaed Abdul Wadood and Sofia Fayazdeen, property at 25 Haver Farm Road, for $460,000.

Gema Kearns to John Hingelberg and Gabriele Hingelberg, property at 22 Union Road, for $330,000.

Edward G. House and Debra A. House to Clyde Richard Horan, property at 24 Country Hill Road, for $520,000.

Bartley R. Carhart and Mary Lou Carhart to Roger Neal McCoy Revocable Trust, property at 12 Main St., for $355,000.

Manuel Ferreira and Linda Ferreira to Michael Krupsky, Jr. and Lois Krupsky, property at 30 Rosemary Lane, for $380,000.

HSBC Bank USA to Wenjuan Yan and Antonio Rafael de Costa Paiva, property at 7 Goosetown Drive, for $404,050.

Clinton Township

Emma Storr Haver to James Davidson and Margaret H. Davidson, property at 9 Highland Circle, for $195,000.

Joaquin Torsiello to Arduino Puleo, property at 29 Pinehurst Circle, for $335,000.

Trini M. Steiz to Betty Jane Dougherty, property at 20 Glenside Drive, for $161,000.

Sheriff of Hunterdon County to Anthony Malinoski, property at 10 Cedar Grove Road, for $130,000.

Scott Gaburo and Michelle Lembo to Kenneth W. Long and Carly H. Long, property at 43 Blossom Hill Road, for $305,000.

Clinbar, Inc. to MTR Holdings, LLC, property at 1316 Route 31 North, for $630,000.

Malen M. Viray to Minyl Lin, property at 14 Augusta Drive, for $125,000.

Rudolph Cedro and Donna Cedro to Kristin A. Jimenez and Daniel L. Jimenez, property at 8 Old Jericho Road, for $489,000.

Anthony G. Piazza to Renner Rachel and Melissa Hill, property at 15 Center St., for $345,000.

Fannie Mae to Joseph Francis Head, property at 39 Cokesbury-Califon Road, for $195,000.

Robert Hrabovecky and Vickie J. Hrabovecky to James P. Verhalen and Mary L. Verhalen, property at 50 Westgate Drive, for $453,000.

Delaware Township

Grover Johnson and Alice T. Johnson to New Jersey Conservation Foundation, property at 7 Reading Road, for $353,893.

Lowell Rader to Christopher and Robyn Kopin, property at 12 Holly Jill Lane, for $449,000.

Shannon Reynolds to Jeffrey Mastalski and Maria C. Mastalski, property at 2204 Daniel Bray Highway, for $405,000.

East Amwell

Michael A. Nappa to Sean Riley, property at 26 Hart Lane, for $485,000.


Ronald A. Mahon and Pamela Mahon to Ryann E. Cash and Bryan D. Amiano, property at 57 Bonnell St., for $340,000.

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. to 7 Devonshire, LLC, property at 7 Estella Drive, for $226,019.

Andrew Conforti and Angela Conforti to Robert W. Fritch and Cynthia D. Chambers, property at 39 Broad St., for $399,900.

Rose Higgins and Thomas Higgins to Christopher Turner, property at 32 Hopewell Ave., for $160,000.

John J. Goodwin and Judy P. Goodwin to Michael Straley and Jane Straley, property at 41 East Main St., for $433,000.

Franklin Township

Che D. Phillip and Jitendra Kara, property at 17 Halls Mill Road, for $477,500.

Rubens Dufau and Maria Bedoya to Ilona Grossman, property at 10 Wolvertown Road, for $485,000.

U.S.Bank National Association to Stephanie Scannell and Steven Scannell, property at 184 Whitebridge Road, for $346,500.

Glen Gardner

Rafal Imiolek to Jared S. Kope, property at 1604 Spruce Hills Drive, for $149,000.


HSBC  Bank USA to Kumar Dadlani, property at 141 Main St., for $36,874.

 APM Management (NJ) Inc. to Gill Petroleum Inc., property at 238 Route 31 North, for $800,000.Curtis J. Meaney and Kimberly A. Meaney to Jason R. Rowe and Melissa J. Donlay, property at 58 Charlestown Road, for $250,000.

High Bridge

William J. Scott and Geralyn A. Scott to Bernice J. Winters, property at 27 Indian Spring Lane, for $158,068.

Steven D. Chalfant and Olga Kats-Chalfant to Rachel T. DeMaster, property at 28 Church St., for $299,999.

Benjamin W. Tiffany and Nancy W. Turner to Casey Marucci and Jessica Marucci, property at 51 East Main St., for $242,000.

Holland Township

Terri Garippa to Christopher Verdi, property at 377 Church Road, for $276,000.


Chandler Harben to Peter K. Page and Deana M. Ferreri, property at 112 Swan St., for $335,000.

William W. Zimmer and Ronald T. LaRosa to Jeffrey Wallace and Kathleen Wallace, property at 42 Rock Creek Woods Drive, for $500,000.


Owb REO, LLC to Tara Ferraro and Brian Ferraro, property at 21 Woodland Heights Circle, for $385,000.

Lebanon Township

Richard D. Eitner Jr. and Kathy A. Eitner to Jun S. Yoon and Saralyn G. Yoon, property at 4 Hoffmans Crossing Road, for $357,500.

Patrice Schreiber and Melissa Kenzari, co-executrices under the last will and testament of Carolyn Regan, to John W. Portanova, Jacqueline Portanova and Gina A. Portanova, property at 3 Jopamelca Road, for $372,000.

MilfordLori Knight, David Knight and Jean Knee to Amanda M. Cheshire and William Schneider, property at 90 Dawn Road, for $290,000.

Raritan Township

Douglas T. Miller and Jennifer L. Miller to Jonathan Yalenti and Jeanne Koussaya, property at 28 Elm Terrace, for $306,000.

Sharon L. Janssen to Theodore G. Poppe and Alecia M. Poppe, property at 2 Holly Court, for $275,000.

Vincenza J. Ferraro to Kelly M. Yuhas, property at 1 Mill Brook Place, for $270,000.

William Louie to Bryann Pacaldo and Michelle R. Pacaldo, property at 8 Kentworth Court, for 327,500.

Elizabeth M. Palluzi to Elizabeth A. Finan, property at 39 Chelsea Circle, for $245,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Melanie Vitale, property at 11 Pleasant View Way, for $295,000.

Robert Barry Jr. to Socrates Vasquez Peralta and Ibaneska I. Rodriguez De Vasquez, property at 11 Stable Lane, for $462,000.

Stephen D. Sieck to Evan J. Kurowski, property at 3 Teagarden Court, for $580,000.

Tom E. Beyer to Luo Ming Wang, property at 415 Hawthorne Court, for $302,500.

Brinkerhoff Enterprises, Inc. to Daniel D. Crimmins and Suzanne Lyn Crimmins, property at 6 Thames Lane, for $799,900.

Bernard DeSiena to Margaret DeSiena, Brinkerhoff Enterprises, Inc. to David Craig Salmon and Barbara Ann Purcell, property at 32 Newcastle Way, for $789,900.

Landon R. Greene and Jessica Greene to Jonathan Rhoads and Christie Rhoads, property at 7 Beehive Lane, for $582,000.

Readington Township

Toll NJ I, LLC  to Steven Moyer and Eileen J. Moyer, property at 136 Van Cleef Drive, for $579,519.

Rebecca Michael, executrix of the estate of Dorothy Shrive, to Gary F. Hughes, Jr., property at 44 Readington Road, for $260,000.

Stephen Vrabel and Diane Vrabel to James Hubbell, property at 26 Meadow Road, for $490,000.

Gerard Joseph Altonji, trustee of the Altonji Family Trust, to Min Dang and Xiyou Xu, property at 1907 South Branch Drive, for $372,000.

Rebecca A. Kovi, trustee under the Brezney Irrevocable Income-Only Trust, to Mason Munn and Kaitlyn M. Munn, property at 2 Sunset View Road, for $437,000.

Robert Kelton to Juan A. Collazo, property at 17 Chamberlain Road, for $659,999.

George Karas and Helene L. Karas to Michelle Lew, property at 177 Aster Court, for $265,000.

Robert D. Balseiro and Laureen P. Balsiero to Brian Vecci and Olivia Tandon, property at 30 Lance Road, for $650,000.

Kenneth L. Adams to Jamor Properties, LLC, property at 2 Haver Place, for $175,000.Nishant Tyagi to Anthony Rose and Linda Fumari-Rose, property at 75 Violet Court, for $317,000.

Sheryl A. Desantis to Michael Cook and Ryan Cook, property at 1 Captain’s Woods Road, for $520,000.

Kenneth A. Orlando and Karen C. Orlando to Stephanie Lowe and Raymond DeCandia, property at 4 Shade Lane, for $492,500.


Joseph Skillodge to Thomas Sherman and Christin Sherman, property at 4 Ferry St., for $326,800.

Shannon Reynolds to Jeffrey Mastalski and Maria C. Mastalski, property at 2204 Daniel Bray Highway, for $405,000.


Richard A. Pye to David C. Klipstein, property at 156 Old Turnpike Road, for $900,000.

Richard A. Pye to David C. Klipstein, property at 154 or 156 Old Turnpike Road, for $150,000.

David C. Klipstein to Tara O. Klipstein, 156 or 154 Old Turnpike Road, for $233,810.

William E. Mannion and Angela Mannion to Nigel PS Crawford and Sarah P. Crawford, property at 2 Barlow Drive, for $716,000.

Vincent Norcia and Lisa Norcia to Daniel Maloney and Linda Lee Maloney, property at 10 Bartles Road, for $651,000.

Steven P. Brookman and Susan E. Brookman to Kerry J. Bush and Nikki A. Vecchiarelli, property at 130 Rockaway Road, for $660,000.

Zawacki Family Trust by Alice M. Tarjan, Zosia E. Zawacki and Lily Tarjan to Sean Dolan and Lisa Dolan, property at 38 Vliettown Road, for $550,000.

 William A. Schleicher to Trisha Marie Conville, property at 55 Vernoy Road, for $15,000.Union Township

Magdalena Grijalva to CBR Investment Group LLC, property at 69 Sam Bonnell Drive, for $146,000.

Ping-Chieh Kao and Chien-Ling Han to Janardhan Satyanarayana and Geetha Srirangapatna, property at 94 Albert Drive, for $732,000.

West Amwell

Wells Fargo Bank National Association to Ronald Spagnoli and Kristie N. O’Keefe, property at 16 Steeple View Court, for $471,594.

Donald M. Waslin and Maria Eugenia Gatjens-Waslin to Adolph A. Russo and MaryBeth Russo, property at 32 Music Mountain Blvd., for $515,000.

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Deeds filed with the Hunterdon County Clerk’s Office through July 14

Hunterdon County Deeds

Deeds filed with the Hunterdon County Clerk’s Office through July 14


 The following deeds have been reported to have been recorded in the Hunterdon County Hall of Records in Book 2407 through July 14, 2017:Alexandria

Nicholas G. Marotta, II and Marianne E. Marotta to Peter Pescatore, property at 27 Shy Creek Road, for $550,000.

Bethlehem Township

Thomas C. Gregor, Jr. and Christine M. Gregor to Paul H. Severini and Gabrielle M. Severini, property at 212 Garrison Court, for $690,000.


Thomas M. Williams and Edith Williams to Nathan Bauer and Tracey Bauer, property at 1 Hoffman Drive, for $298,000.


Mehul A. Shah and Neha P. Majmundar to Diane Dittman, property at 19 Spring Brook Drive, for $340,000.

Anthony Rose and Linda Furnari Rose to Nicholas Dight and Lauren Dight, property at 72 Payne Road, for $491,000.

Clinton Township

Frank Caroselli and Patricia Caroselli to Joshua Keister and Jennifer Keister, property at 16 John Drive, for $445,000.

Stephen R. Becker and Mary J. Becker to Leigh B. Van Den Berg and Erin J. Van Den Berg, property at 33 Regional Road, for $465,000.

Lisa S. Longo to Michael Barry and Regina Barry, property at 63 Augusta Drive, for $229,900.

Jonathan J. Siebert and Amanda E. Seibert to Norma Eichlin, property at 24 Summit Court, for $197,000.

Premal Lavsi and Roshni Lavsi to Brian Flaherty and Shannon Flaherty, property at 1 Grandin Drive, for $440,000.

 George Psyllos and Maria Psyllos to Michael A. Risch and Aymara Risch, property at 22 Blue Cliff Drive, for $741,250.Delaware Township

Cary Reimer to Joel Reimer, property on Lambertville Headquarters Road, for $1,348,635.

Kevin J. Reilly and Patricia C. Reilly to Todd R. Quackenbush and Pamela L. Wanner, property at 2 Green Farm Lane, for $490,000.

U.S. Bank, N.A., to New Jers Homes LLC, property at 9 Whiskey Lane, for $227,999.

East Amwell

Ringoes TLC, L.L.C. to GAW Holdings, LLC, property at 1108 Old York Road, for $1,912,500.


Daniel D. Crimmins and Suzanne Lyn Crimmins to Glenn Mielke and Michelle Mielke, property at 8 Scarlet Oak Road, for $597,000.

Franklin Township

Donald Peter Feltri and Jean Carol Feltri to Joyce Rafalko, property at 14 Doe Run, for $695,000.


Frenchtown Bridge St., LLC to Barbara Bristow, property at 5 Third St., Unit C6, for $635,000.

Eva Petschauer to 1210 Milford LLC, property at 1210 Milford Road, for $55,000.


Jerry Frank Smart and Marguerite Smart to Thomas P. Barry and Rebecca Barry, property at 520 Charlestown Road, for $455,000.

Fannie Mae to Sharl M. Ghobrial, property at 64 E. Grand St., for $30,400.

High Bridge

Amanda Macualy Furtis to Jay M. Tischler and Lori A. Daniels, property at 49 Valley View Road, for $316,900.

Christiana Trust, a division of Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, to Michael Ohl, property at 145 W. Main St., for $43,144.

Holland Township

Sarah Meil and Christopher Oswald to Kenneth M. Kroll and David L. Johnstone, property at 330 Church St., for $435,000.

Andrew Kovacs to David F. Knight and Lori L. Knight, property at 336 Spring Mills-Little York Road, for $419,000.


Gerald Stern to Carina Glasgow, property at 89 Clinton St., for $605,000.

Bonnie J. Carter to John R. and Linda A. Lanza, property at 14 Hillside Court, for $432,500.

Glenn Gabai and Aryn Gabai to Michael G. Bird and Lauren G. Bird, property at 82 N. Main St., for $595,500.

Lebanon Township

Sandra J. Phelps to Rona Levin and Dennis Levin, property at 2 Nicole Terrace, for $515,000.

Charles M. Talias to Heriberto Vargas and Karen Vargas, property at 494 West Hill Road, for $435,000.

Joan Abigayle Regan to Lynn Benzing, property at 418 Trimmer Road, for $325,000.

Raritan Township

The Bank of New York Mellon to Fred Assenheimer and Susan Assenheimer, property at 8 Demott Road, for $480,000.

Robert McCaffrey and Patricia E. McCaffrey to Edward J. Ham and Barbara Ham, property at 76 Samson Drive, for $347,500.

Joseph Nanfara to Richard J. Arrigo and Chamaigne E. Arrigo, property at 5 Pegg Road, for $625,000.

Nestor Gonzalez-Monroy and Vanessa Guido to Julianne Kotcho, property at 49 Stirrup Lane, for $456,500.Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Amin Mansuri and Sohana Mansuri, property at 35 Bonetown Road, for $375,000.

Wells Fargo Bank, NA to Elizabeth M. Sabosik, property at 6 Orchard Drive, for $245,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Daniel Pascetta, property at 7 Fir Court, for $218,875.

Toll NJ, LLP to Venkata Sunil Kumar Aleti, property at 32 Tiffany Drive, for $879,423.

Andrew J. Rathbun and Beth M. Rathbun to Mustafa E. Yildiz and Michelle Hahn Yildiz, property at 11 Cross Creek Drive, for $605,000.

Sheryl Wood to Anne Marie Apanovitch, property at 46 Kentworth Court, for $365,000.

Charles R. Douglas to Joseph A. Pormilli and Cindy Martinez, property at 1411 Normandy Court, for $165,000.

Louis Moloff to Andrew Wahba, property at 8 Maple Court, for $270,000.

Martin A. Galinak and Babette M. Galinak to Robert L. McCaffrey and Patricia E. McCaffrey, property at 25 Fawn Drive, for $435,000.

Matthew A. Cooper and Caren L. Cooper to Douglas V. Wakefield and Joanne M. Wakefield, property at 257 Old York Road, for $413,000.

Readington Township

Brian A. Miller and Randi L.

Frank Castillo to Shane Bell, property at 3 Wyckoff Road, for $385,000.

Matthew A. Suydam and Joanna D. Suydam to Fisher Properties, LLC, property at 300 Kingbird Court, for $148,500.

Mustafa H. Yildiz  and Michelle H. Yildiz to German Srur and Olesya Srur, property at 22 Kline Blvd., for $340,000.

Fannie Mae to The Brothers International Inc., property at 95 Lazy Brook Road, for $114,900.

Toll NJ I, LLC to Lynn C. Jones, property at 117 Van Cleef Drive, for $490,000.

Daniel R. McCrohan and Elizabeth F. McCrohan to Aaron J. Stahl and Nicole A. Stahl, property at 10 East Dreahook Road, for $542,500.

Fannie Mae to Michael Cuntala, property at 370 Route 523, for $247,105.

Kelly Vance, executrix of the estate of Robert Vance, to James Silverman and Linda Silverman, property at 165 Milkweed Court, for $150,000.

Lynn M. Connolly to Judith A. Cody, property at 2320 Berry Farm Road, for $330,000.

Fannie Mae to Pine Holding, LLC, property at 3627 Route 22, for $68,775.


Garder Ejendomsivest APS to Michael Smith and Marchette Richardson, property at 4 Indian Lane, for $990,000.

Union Township

Kenny W. Seiber and Barbara L. Seiber to Richard K. Kromar and Michelle Kromar, property at 52 Blane Court, for $400,000.

Miller to Anthony Maccario, property at 123 Mockingbird Court, for $147,500.


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Deeds filed with the Hunterdon County Clerk’s Office through June 30

Hunterdon County Deeds

Deeds filed with the Hunterdon County Clerk’s Office through June 30

The following deeds have been reported to have been recorded in the Hunterdon County Hall of Records in Books 2405 and 2406 through June 30, 2017:


Drake R. Parker to Christopher Gelardi and Kimberly Majewski, property at 10 Belmont Court, for $770,000.

James A. Briggs and Irene M. Briggs to James Fahey and Doreen Fahey, property at 206 Cedar Bridge Lane, for $689,950.

Kenneth Flora and June Flora to Robert J. Tronolone and Linda Tronolone, property at 62 Rick Road, for $512,000.

Salvatore DiSabatino to James Byron and Laura Byron, property at 40 Airport Road, for $420,000.


David Bright and Debra Bright to Steven K. Burton and Deanna K. Burton, property at 15 Boehm Drive, for $530,000.

Clinton Township

Clinton Point LLC to 2017 Route 31 Clinton, LLC, property at 190 Center St., for $2,400,000.

Robert L. Schmitt and Susan M. Schmitt to American International Relocation Solutions, LLC, property at 40 Regional Road, for $391,500.

American Relocation Solutions LLC to Dustin Starling and Shelley Starling, property at 40 Regional Road, for $390,000.

Anna J. Pieger, executrix, to Adam Stefan Kunkis and Emily Faye Pollack, property at 44 Inverarry Place, for $270,000.

William C. Kohmuench and Carolyn A. Kohmuench to Kenneth J. Hartdorn and Danielle D. Hartdorn, property at 8 Wagner Road, for $360,000.

Delaware TownshipNicholas Harrington and Maegan Harrington to Patrick Huffnagle, property at 826 Rosemont Road, for $415,000.

Diane P. Straw to Nicholas J. Harrington and Meagen C. Harrington, property at 2 Paulmier Road, for $590,000.

East Amwell

Annette G. Shields, executrix of the estate of Margaret H. Gritzmacher, to Jennifer A. Frank, property at 27 John Ringo Road, for $230,000.


Paul Kilinski to Dina Klein and Victor Klein, property at 47 Pennsylvania Ave., for $282,900.

Franklin Township

U.S. Bank National Association to Michael Chabra, property at 1046 Croton Road, for $257,250.


Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Bernard Villegas and Vincensina Villegas, property at 33 Ridge Road, for $219,000.

Glen Gardner

Peter D’Amelio to Anthony Volk, property at 1809 Spruce Hills Drive, for $125,000.


Rexhep Leka to Matarazzo Properties, LLC, property at 166 Route 31, for $85,000.

High Bridge

Wilmington Savings Funs Society, FSB to Emily Sorenson and Andrew Sorenson, property at 17 King Hill Road, for $154,900.

6 Maryland Ave., LLC to Shannon E. Leedy and Zachary B. Januse, property at 6 Maryland Ave., for $245,000.

Holland Township

Ryan Van Doren to Jayson Bukofsky, property at 331 Riegelsville Road, for $229,000.

Jonathan Tyson Intile and Kristin Intile to Nikkosh Baksh, property at 16 Deer Path, for $336,950.

John T. Laurencelle and Laura A. Laurencelle to Kevin D. Andreychak and Kristen Andreychak, property at 8 Gridley Circle, for $374,000.

Doris E. Deemer to Wells Fargo Bank, NA, property at 286 Milford Warren Glen Road, for $95,354.


Kenton P. Garay and Patricia T. Garay to Glenn Gabal and Evelyn Gabal, property at 5 Muddy Run Road, for $385,000.

Joseph John Macaron and Kymberly Ann Dietrich-Macaron to William P. Marra and Kristin J. Marra, property at 3 Kingsridge Road, for $436,500.

Michelle Liao and John Struble to JohnW. Chin and Donna M. Chin, property at 137 Byram Lane, for $345,000.


Shirley Lee to Janice A. Friedman, property at 57 N. Franklin St., for $156,750.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Kristen T. Bolek, property at 302 County Road 513, for $87,500.

Lebanon Township

Richard A.  Harding and Wendy S. Harding to Christina Martinelli, property at 2 East Orchard St., for $260,000.


U.S. Bank National Association to Uchenna Anyaeji, property at 4 Hartley Court, for $380,000.

Raritan Township

Gary Raykovitz and Jolaine Raykovitz to Christopher Randazza, property at 1 Kristina Way, for $882,500.

Donna I. Larkin to Michael Botti and Marguerite Botti, property at 24 Hart Blvd., for $405,000.

Joel P. Sanchez and Claudine Sanchez to Robert Muscillo and Kara Muscillo, property at 21 Barley Sheaf Road, for $472,500.

Nicholas Inghiterra and Alison K. Inghiterra to Rose A. Mathew, property at 1408 Cobblestone Court, for $195,000.

Fannie Mae to Jannine Valledor, property at 2 Ups and Downs Court, for $629,900.

Jennifer Giordano, executrix of the estate of Marie Dickenson, to Frank Sena and Maria Sena, property at 67 Joseph Drive, for $305,000.

Randy Miller and Eleanor R. Miller to James Weatherford and Sharon Weatherford, property at 8 Cherryville-Stanton Road, for $570,000.

Nina Rapuano and Robert Yannotta and Annette Quandt, executors under the last will and testament of  Angelo F. Yannotta, property at 7 Chapel View Drive, for $384,000.

The Bank of New York Mellon to Raymond Donahue and Theresa Donahue, property at 45 Pleasant Run Road, for $379,900.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Joan R. Sterlacci, property at 58 Higginsville Road, for $393,250.

Nicholas P. Kramer to Francine M. Kramer, property at 7 Morning Star Road, for $250,000.

Readington Township

Anthony Fusco and Maria Fusco to Roy Dragon, Jr. and Tamara Dragon, property at 55 Phlox Court, for $345,000.

Fannie Mae to Robert A. Salvesen, property at 510 Mountain Road, for $168,500.The Estate of Joan E. Koether, deceased, to Chris Scofield and Jo Anne Schofield, property at 34 Ebersohl Circle, for $352,450.

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. to William E. Kilcomons and Christine Kilcomons, property at 7 South Ryland Road, for $425,000.

Frank Lorenzo and Joan Lorenzo to Ryan M. Fandel and Sara A. Chauvette, property at 55 Whitehouse Ave., for $335,000.


Andrew Sudylo and Julia Sudylo to Sean Castle and Sandra J. Castle, property at 212 Old Turnpike Road, for $527,500.

Reza Shariatdoust to Maria Shariatdoust, property at 17 Lenore Road, for $565,000.

Jennifer A. Ercolano and Neal A. Ercolano to Benjamin W. Tiffany and Nancy W. Tiffany, property at 33 Sawmill Road, for $502,000.

March J. Schumacher to Kimberly Iuele and Frank Iuele, property at 28 Fox Hill Road, for $620,000.

Christina Ludvigsen, Estate of Karl Vivian Ludvigsen, T. Clare Ludvigsen to Nicholas A. Kelly and Ashley Force, property at 14 Dryden Road, for $442,000.

Union Township

Louis Scaturro to Elizabeth J. Iorillo, property at 12 Westway, for $122,000.

Wanda O’Connor to Donald J. Farley, property at 4 Cross Way, for $130,000.



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Deeds filed with the Hunterdon County Clerk’s Office through June 23

Hunterdon County Deeds

Deeds filed with the Hunterdon County Clerk’s Office through June 23

The following deeds have been reported to have been recorded in the Hunterdon County Hall of Records in Book 2405 through June 23, 2017:


Leland A. Smith to Kyle J. Pfitzenmayer, property at 4 Oak Lane, for $390,000.

Elaine K. Shapiro to Girolamo Sciancalepore, Tatiana Sciancalepore, Lazzaro Sciancalepore and Lucia Sciancalepore, property at 11 Surrey Way, for $625,000.

Diane S. Lutz to Brendan C. Lederach and Alysia A. Pinkerton, property at 180 County Road 513, for $272,500.

Daniel M. Strochak and Elizabeth Strochak to Susan Ruch, property at 132 Gallmeier Road, for $360,000.

Bethlehem Township

B A G Realty, L.L.C. to Mulcahy Holdings LLC, property at 1119 State Highway 173, for $425,000.


Robert Baker, III et al to Lisa Gilling, property at 1 Academy St., for $370,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Marian K. Fedderly, property at 23 Turtleback Road, for $158,150.

John Edward Keating and Raymonde Marie Colbert-Keating to Rico Nieves and Nihal Masri, property at 17 Raritan Drive, for $398,000.


Jose Naughton and Molly Rhodes-Naughton to Michael D. Glibowski, property at 5A Marudy Drive, for $435,000.

Matthew J. Maurella and Angela Maurella to Chun M. Park and Joo Young Han, property at 21 Ridgedale Drive, for $152,000.

Clinton TownshipThomas A. Corser and Christine C. Corser to Manuel Ruiz and Francy Ruiz, property at 45 Studer Road, for $489,000.

Raymond Terranova and Sara Marvin to Nicholas Whalen and Katelyn Johnson, property at 6 Hoffman Road, for $268,000.

Patrick A. Cerria and Vija Cerria to Brian Fortkiewicz and Deborah Fortkiewicz, property at 17 Boehm Drive, for $500,000.

Steven J. Liebman and Mary Y. Liebman to Jose Sarao and Tiffany Chit, property at 11 Chalfonte Drive, for $577,000.

Delaware Township

Nicholas Harrington and Maegan Harrington to Patrick Huffnagle, property at 826 Rosemont Road, for $415,000.

Diane P. Straw to Nicholas J. Harrington and Meagen C. Harrington, property at 2 Paulmier Road, for $590,000.

East Amwell

Harry Myron Myrga to Beth Parcell Evans, property at 263 Rileyville Road, for $300,000.


Dana M. Collins to Joshua T. Basedow and Mary Beth D. Basedow, property at 111 Broad St., for $340,000.

Richard Friesen and Kathie Friesen to Dawn W. Woolery and Mary B. Coen, property at 22 Cherryville Hollow Road, for $425,000.

Franklin Township

Bernice Sabo to County of Hunterdon, property at 71 Main St., for $700,000.


Paul R. Joyce to Penn Jersey Towing & Recovery LLC, property at 146 Main St., for $300,000

High Bridge

Mallory I. Porcelli and Brian M. Porcelli to Christina A. Goulden, property at 107 Mine Road, for $229,000.

APM Management (NJ) Inc. to G3 Holdings LLC, property at 5 Central Ave., for $300,000.

Holland Township

Cameron E. Poluszek and Tamara A. Poluszek to Joel Parsons and Katy Parsons, property at 183 Church Road, for $632,500.

Kevin B. Traier and Patricia Traier to Justin Stem and Dana Stem, property at 3 Hillbrook Lane, for $650,000.

Agnes M. Skowronek to William Kamm, property at 4 McEntee Road, for $270,000.


Christopher T. Gada to Adam Fortgang and Karen Forgage, property 3 Rock Creek Woods Drive, for $485,000.

James P. Fox Estate to Andrew Contrino, property at 22 Lincoln Ave., for $457,001.

Covey Morris Building LLC to Acts Properties LLC, property at 19 Church St., for $406,000.

Lebanon Township

Michael Boland and Claire Boland to Michael L. Rice and Faith W. Rice, property at 23 Hickory Run Road, for $210,000.

Raritan Township

Anthony J. Hunt to Suzanne M. Hunt, property at 4 Four Seasons Drive, for $574,900.

Joshua T. Basedow and Mary Beth Basedow to Alyson Kovacs, property at 722 Apple Court, for $219,999.

Mark A. Paternoster and Denise M. Paternoster to Jerry Rymar and Lauren Rymar, property at 12 Fieldstone Place, for $475,000.

Pamela Hoffman to David Miele and Ellen Miele, property at 65 Beechwood Circle, for $215,000.

Audrey M. Bujnowski to Scott E. Carolus II and Jessica L. McKnight, property at 38 Elm Terrace, for $255,000.

Mark E. Francis and Jeannie Francis to John Watson and Amy Watson, property at 27 Scarlet Oak Road, for $587,500.

Melissa A. Prowker to Bryan M. Skelton and Pamela J. Junge, property at 21 Canterberry Circle, for $255,000.

David Rayburn and Katherine Rayburn to David A. Ames and Heidi A. Ames, property at 3 Marys Court, for $455,000.

David A. Ames and Heidi A. Ames to Maxwell Wolfinger and Kaitlyn Millsaps, property at 72 Elm Terrace, for $292,000.

Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas to Kenneth Louie and Jason Louie, property at 110 Westminster Place, Unit B-4 – C0110, for $69,269.

Timothy L. Matheny and Karen R. Matheny to William Christopher Baker and Larissa Marie Baker, property at 6 Knollwood Road, for $625,000.

Bernice Sabo to County of Hunterdon, property at 71 Main St., for $700,000.

Readington Township

Paul J. Sanguiliano, Jr. to Peter R. Lynch and Lisa Lynch, property at 12 Van Fleet Road, for $655,000.

Anthony R. Poggio and Kelley L. Poggio to Charles J. Cabrera, property at 277 Mountain Road, for $290,000.

Sharon C. Camerino and Michael V. Camerino to Gail D. Wolczynski, property at 112 Blue Flag Court, for $295,000.


Francis T. Donaldson and Joan M. Donaldson to James A. Briggs and Irene M. Briggs, property at 16 Laurel Mountain Way, for $1,800,000.

David C. Klipstein to Glenn Nafey, property at 6 Tamarack Farm Lane, for $516,521.

Union Township

Jenni Lee Pierson and Kirk M. Pierson Jr. to Susan L. Reznak and Stephan E. Renak, Jr., property at 21 Hillside Court, for $129,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Patrick S. Mariani and Susan Irene Klein, property at 114 Overlook Drive, for $101,000.

West Amwell

Miller Street Investors to John M. McClelland and Milagros McClelland, property at 737 Brunswick Pike, for $59,900.


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