Deeds filed with the Hunterdon County Clerk’s Office through Dec. 7

Deeds filed with the Hunterdon County Clerk’s Office through Dec. 7

The following deeds have been reported to have been recorded in the Hunterdon County Hall of Records in Books 2419, 2420 and 2421 through Dec. 7, 2017:


Angie Doswald to Robert Hendelion, property at 8 Rupells Road, at $350,000.

Mark S. Cody and Tara M. Cody to Neil S. Tiffany, property at 549 County Road 13, at $319,000.

Elizabeth Innella to Bruce Alatary, property at 40 Old Boonton Road, at $99,900.

Joseph A. Glennon to Joanne M. Glennon, property at 346 Creek Road Milford, at $515,000.

Jennifer L. Grossman to Gregory Kokolski and Katherine Kokolski, property at 208 Rick Road, at $347,000.


Charles Edward Nelson to Kevin J. Kelly, Jr. and Kristin A. Kelly, property at 70 Staats Road, at $350,050.

Constance L. Knigge to Matthew S. Wood, property at 222 Asbury-West Portal Road, at $1,200,000.

Jospeh A. Kohan and Lisa K. Kohan to Theresa Conover and Ryan Messinger, property at 12 Kensington Court, at $454,000.

Jospeh Tesauro and Renae B. Tesauro to Robert Moran and Marguerite Moran, property at 14 Woodbrook Drive, at $490,000.


Jennifer Jensen to Trevor Newcomb and Nicole Newcomb, property at 14 Academy Street, at $265,000.

Elissa Curtis and Benson Goodwyn to 10 Center LLC, property at 10 Center Street, at $299,990

Clinton Twp.

Terence J. Braver to Carl R. Meixsell, property at 21 Summit Court, at $161,000.

Rose Investment, Inc. to Jonathan Moss and Simona Moss, property at 158 West Main Street, at $435,000.

Patricia Willis to Albert D. Rylak and Elizabeth Scannell, property at 2 La Jolla Lane, at $455,000.

David J. Williams and Maria C. Williams to Stephen Bennett and Maria Bennett, property at 16 Treeline Drive, at $552,000.

Jamie B. Szewczuk to Patrick Yancey, property at 9 weimer Road, at $290,000.

Dana Botti and Rhett S. Peppi to John C. Turner, property at 24 Weadowview Drive, at $186,000.

Fernando Geraci and Maria Gabriela Geraci to Dale Ann LEta, property at 6 Mission Hills Road, at $268,000.

Kurt Jacobsen and Kathleen A. Jacobsen to Jaroslaw Wierciszewski and Anna Wierciszewski, property at 7 Round Top Drive, at $238,300.

Ryan Duveneck and Ellen Duveneck to Noah Frohlich, property at 115 Westchester Terrace, at $229,000.

Robert P. Schaming to Wettstein Ketih and Dialfonso Nicole, property at 4 Chalfonte Drive, at $415,000.

Fannie Mae to James Valanzola and Nancy Valanzola, property at 274 Stanton Mountain Road, at $199,900.


Emmanuel Patel and Susan Patel to Elhadji Dia, property at 8 Lingert Avenue, at $300,000.

Estate of Walter R. Buczek to Alexander Stiles Bauer, property at 1 Allerton Road, at $330,000.

Kenneth W. Sigvardson to Susan P. Sigvardson, property at 7 Saddle Ridge Drivem at $592,500.

Per Berger to Sallie M. Woods, property at 55 Meadowview Drive, at $189,900.

Brian H. Tarulli and Dyana Tarulli to Borui Liu and Yanhua Yuan, property at 11 Jumping Brook Place, at $333,000.

Charles Most and Christine Most to Lucas Cusimano and Marisa Cusimano, property at 20 Halstead Street, at $575,000.

JFI Property Holdings LLC to Kenneth Marko, Margaret Ann Marko, Justin P. McCabe and Amanda McCabe, property at 36 Red Schoolhouse Road, at $507,500.

James Maroldi to Charles Thomas and Tangeria Thomas, property at 26 Troon Terrace, at $124,400.

William H. Roberts and Maryann P. Roberts to Michael Slavin and Ariann Boylan, property at 2 Orchid Place, at $395,000.

Antje Doyle to Mark A. Dileo, Jr. and Catherine R. Dileo, property at 8 Stanton Grange Road, at $420,000.

Anjit Dandekar to Kyle Ruhl, property at 15 Hickory Court, at $267,000.

LaSalle Bank National Association to Lingert Properties, LLC, property at 38 Lingert Ave., to $160,000.

Anthony G. Piazza to Claudia E. Rocca, property at 55 Sam Bonnell Drive, at $365,000

Thomas O’Sullivan and Doris O’Sullivan to Joanna Smith and Paul Eichert, property at 30 Georges Place, at $305,000.

Delaware Township

Norma J. Cheston to Jon P. Mourar and Graciela Caldero, property at177 Locktown Flemington Road, at $175,000.

Raymond Steele and Annette Dursi to Michael Bord and Dana Maria Bord, property at 18 Dogwood Drive, at $440,000.

540 Rosemont LLC to Sheriff of Hunterdon County, property at 540 Rosemont Ringoes Road, at $153,000.

D. Nils Knutzen and Mary R. Clifford to Charles E. Banks, property at 24 Sandbrook Headquarters Road, at $500,000.

Brian L. Vocke to Laurie L. Vocke, property at 36 Zentek Road, at $330,000.

East Amwell

Thomas P. Thatcher and Gretchen S. Thatcher to Christopher Clark, property at 21 Wagner Road, at $365,000.

Kaitlin Meiser and  Shaun Morris to Matthew Raja and Allison Milack, property at 9 Fox Hunt Road, at $394,900.

Robin A. Hauck to Steven Rivera and Lorena Rivera, property at 19 Vones Lane, at $300,000.


Jeffrey R. Lutley and Claire T. Lutley to Willard h. Richardson and Wendy L. Richardson, property at 35 Spring Street, at $365,000.

Richard Dilley to Nicholas MacKay and Yolanda MacKay, property at 18 East Main Street, at $245,000.

Deeds filed with the Hunterdon County Clerk’s Office through Nov. 14

Deeds filed with the Hunterdon County Clerk’s Office through Nov. 14

The following deeds have been reported to have been recorded in the Hunterdon County Hall of Records in Book 2418 through Nov. 14, 2017:


Stephen Ketsy, Jr. to Matthew C. Hall, property at 9 Pheasant Ridge Road, at $350,000.


Kevin Kerfoot and Collen Kerfoot to Donald T. Catalano, property at 6 Fawn Run, at $330,000.

Clinton Township

Daniel Curry to Christina A. Burns and Patrick T. Burns, property at 5 Appollo Place, at $385,000.

Roasrio Giunta to Eugenia A. Sheppard, property at 50 North Slope, at $138,500.

Hui Jin and YingYing Liu to Gale A. Harkins, property at 41 Crestview Drive, at $630,000.

Delaware Township

Debra J. Papasodera to Alan Marino, property at 783 County Road 579, at $106,000.

Willard H. Richardon to Jonathon Wappel and Edyta Patyk, property at 13 Sutton Road, at $610,000.

East Amwell Township

Caroline Taraschi to Wertsville Properties, LLC, property at 110 Summer Road, at $349,000.


Kathi Deck to Joshua Weichler and Hayley Weichler, property at 462 Pittstown Road, at $351,000.


Mohammed Aslam Khan to Route 31 Enterprises, LLC, property at 157 Route 31 S, at $375,000.

High Bridge

Richard J. Phelps and Kimberly Phelps to Erin Cutka, property at 4 Village Square, at $75,000.

The Banyan Group LLC to Igor Gritsei and Mariana Gritsei, property at 32 Northwood Drive, at $140,000.

Holland Township

Vincent James Ferraro to Seth Duryea, property at 7 Mill Road, at $135,000.


Robert Filler to Clover Rod and Gun Clob, property at 100 Byram-Kingwood Road, at $140,000.

Glenn R. Selner and Amy B Selner to Chana Kesserman, property at 5 Kimball Road, at $379,500.


James A Bishop Jr and Peggy Bishop to Robert G. Bush, property at 57 Green Knolls Drive, at $200,000.

Kaithlin Degennaro to Lynn Kerrigan, property at 100 East Palisades Avenue, at $235,000.

FRC Realty Limited Partnership to 245 North Main Acquisition LLC, property at 243 N Main Street, at $1,285,000.

Raritan Township

Hiller Luk Holdings LLC to Uma Singh and Sarita Singh, property at 1 Four Seasons Drive, at $500,000.

Zoaf LLC to Robert O. Young Jr and Claudia I. Young, property at 11 Brentwood Court, at $312,500.

Linda L. Setescak to Elwood Glosenger, property at 90 David Drive, at $357,500.

Marianne Sabo to Jordan L. Mealey and Sean Mealey, property at 31 Honeyman Drive, at $315,000.

Carl Berry, Jr. to Jennifer Felman, property at 41 Everitts Road, at $399,000.

US Bank National Association to Robert K. Kumbatovic, property at 14 Meadowbrook Drive, at $170,100.

Readington Township

Anthony E. Tarangul to Emanuel Bola and Annmarie Alves-Bola, property at 5 Horseshow Road, at $385,000.

Margaret L. Eppley to Michael Pankow and Ashley Pankow, property at 4 Hilltop Lane, at $344,000.

Edwin G. Laubach and Nadia Laubach to John T. Marshall and Jennifer Marshall, property at 3 Newell Road, at $645,999.

Stockton Borough

Seth Pendleton and Shannon S. Pendleton to Anthony J. Watkins, property at 5 Ferry Street, at $227,500.

Tewksbury Township

Austin Diaz and Cynthia Lee Diaz to Robert Nathanial Alder and Kelly Ann Alder, property at 6 Marigold Lane,at $1,275,000.Francis H. McAdoo to Wayne Lisa, property at 58 Fox Hill Road, at $1,300.000.

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Deeds filed with the Hunterdon County Clerk’s Office through Nov. 10

Deeds filed with the Hunterdon County Clerk’s Office through Nov. 10

The following deeds have been reported to have been recorded in the Hunterdon County Hall of Records in Books 2416 and 2417 through Nov. 10, 2017:


Brian Weidilch and Christine Flenigan to Ryan Mershon and Samantha E. Hill, property at 4 Mill Street, at $228,000.

Edward P. Shapiro to Rita Canales and Robert C. Geib, property at 45 Shy Creek, at $470,000.

Jill Lynn Boyle to Charles Talias, property at 5 Little York Pattenberg Road, at $267,500.

Margaret Heim and Theodore Heim to Douglas Pierard and Jill Pierard, property at 5 Pond View Lake, at $760,000.

Patricia Zanellato and Peter Zanellato, property at 120 Gallmeier Road, at $419,900.

The estate of Susan Phillips to Gregory Phillips and Cyril Phillips, property at 28 Airport Road, at $224,900.

James N. Calico and Rhonda A. Calico to Alexander Alberdi, property at 8 Bonnell Road, at $460,000.


Stanley Kozakowski to Silvio Marraccini, property at 497 Bellwood Park Road, at $262,500.

Kevin Walsh and Susan Walsh to Kenny Seiber and Barbara Seiber, property at 229 Garrison Court, at $650,000.


Whitney Wetherill to Alexa Offenhauer,property at 36 West Main St., at $262,500.

John M. Holt and Megan Jones-Holt to Gamble Byron, property at 17 Georges Place, at $334,000.

Ewa Luczaj to Frank Tennaro and Angelica Tennaro, property at 23 Deer Hill Road, at $299,000.

Clinton Township

Irene Beyer to to Antje Doyle, property at 10 Jumping Brook Place, at $315,000.

Jason Quental and Trisha Quental to Andrew McCann and Olivia McCann, property at 26 Whispering Hills Drive, at $475,000.

William Goodliffe and Carole Goodliffe to Gary Finiguerra and Janice Hwang, property at 6 Dogwood Drive, at $580,000.

Stephen Waslylszyn to Amanda Kline, property at 74 Meadowview Drive, at $170,000.

Diane Nordstrom and John Nordstrom to Betsy Haase Reimer, property at 21 Westgate Drive, at $400,000.

Thomas Caulfield and Lori Beth Caulfield to Peter Babinski and Sheila Babinski, property at 11 Canterbury Lane, at $570,000.

Richard Kale and Julie A. Kale to David Andes and Heesun Cho, property at 4 Hills Top court, at $350,000.

Lori Kopf MacWilliam to Walter Hetzel, property at 40 Meadowview Drive, at $180,000.

Christopher Linzer and Stacy Linzer to Laura M. Scocco, property at 14 Herman Thau Road, at $452,000.

James J. Brown and Henrietta A. Brown to Scott Salem, property at 4 Wooley Drive, at $215,000.

Delaware Township

Thomas R. Jackson to 1776 Daniel Bray LLC., property at 3 Woodside Lane, at $165,000

Bank of America to Wade Cory Cutler, property at 21 Pine Hill Road, at $222,000.

Lanwin Development Corp. to Thompson Realty Co. of Princeton, Inc. property at 36 Reading Road, at $750,000.

Helen L. Anaya to Scott D. Kallens and Kelli Kallens, property at 36 Britton Road, at $444,000.

East Amwell

Capital One to Alder Properties, LLC, property at 14 Amwell Road, at $140,299.

Takahiko Hayashi and Satsuki Hayashi to Erica Spangler and Jason Hartman, property at 50 Rainbow Hill Road, at $515,000.


Daniel Chonko and Deborah Chonko Crine to Caius De Lauretis, property at 40 Brown Street, at $194,000.

Franklin Township

Diplomat Property Manager, LLC to Laferia Brothers Home Improvement, LLC, property at 93 Quakertown Road, at $217,500.

Cassandra Fusco and Christopher Fusco to Tara Sliker and Timothy Sliker, property at 319 Quakertown Road, at $419,900.

Diane Blaszka and Robert Blaszka to Michael Patrick Kelman and Brooke Marie Kelman, property at 20 Joe Ent Road, at $450,000.

Gary Byron to Kamil Praszek, property at 7 Matthew Drive, at $535,000.


Meadow Runner, LLC to Country Classics at Frenchtown, LLC, property at 2 Eighth Street, at $150,000.

Frenchtown Properties LLC to Country Classics at Frenchtown, LLC, property at 1 Eighth Street, at $600,000.

Chrysanthe Longman to Alexa Tarby and Bruce Tarby, property at 11 Cedar Street, at $420,000.

Meadow Runner Investments, LLC to Justin J. Wheelan and Katie L. Bopp, property at 7 Seventh Street, at $265,000.

Dwight F. Garner and Cree LeFavour to Michael L. Dermody and Anna Marie Guteri, property at 25 Fifth Street, at $354,000.

Glen Gardner

Secretary if Veterans affairs to Robin Manfredi and Carlos Manfredi, property at 509 Spruce Hills Drive, at $114,000.

High Bridge

Kristy Chalfant to Richard A. Benoit and Christy Benoit, property at 10 Taylor Street, at $349,900.

Amo Schmidt and Margaret Schmidt to Fransisco Vergara, property at 4 Pleasant Road, at $139,000.

Michael T. Ladolcetta to David Cooper and Rhonda L. Cooper, property at 55 Church Street at $235,000.

Damaris Gomez and Andrea Gomez to Samantha Q. Fitzpatrick and Gary Fitzpatrick, property at 10 Pleasant Drive, at $218,000.

Holland Township

Kevin Kroemmelbein to Scott Crater, property at 607 Milford-Warren Glen Road, at $235,000.

Terri Barbiche and Wayne Barbiche to Kyle Hand and Robyn Hand, property at 5 Crestview Drive, at$438,000.

Veronica Gavigan to Tiffany Cinquemani, property at 224 Bellis Road, at $210,000.

Faik Ismail and Peri Ismail to Kristy Klein and Andrew Klein, property at 4 Field Road, at $530,000.

Thomas Wieczenski and Megan E. Finn to Brittney Shurts, property at 409 Hunt Drive, at $185,500.

Jacqueline Stutz to Jospeh Pfauth II, property at 5 Charles Road, at $200,000.


Gad Abner Builders to Keith Johnson and Stephanie Johnson, property at 45 Fairview Road, at $519,975.

Sheryl Cooper to Darren Ferrante, property at 971 State Highway 12, at $208,000.

Joseph and Karen Romeo to Paul and Stefanie Hickman, property at 4 Eventts Farm Lane, at $440,000.

Ralph E. Curcio and Linda E. Curcio to Michael Anderson and Kerry Orlando, property at 367 Oak Grove Road, at $425,000.


Michael Mancino to Edward Toth, propert at 55 South Franklin Street, at $295,000.

Kevin Wentworth to Donald Jeffrey Campbell and Nancy Mary Campbell, property at 15 Swan Street, at $650,000.

Jason W. Koye and Jennifer Koye to Jospeh Dispenziere, property at 268 Holcombe Way, at $577,450.


John Dovidauskas and Darrie Dovidauskas to Matilda Weeks, property at 26 Sharrer Road, at $265,000., property at 250 Mt. Airy Road, at $395,000.

Jeffrey R. Lamperti and Mary Jean Pohlman-Lamperti to Jason C. Sperinck, property at 141-143 Hollow Brook Road, at $615,000.


Mark Pfenning to Liam M. Gilroy and Erica Gilroy, propert at 2 Pond Lane, at $241,000.

Raritan Township

Robert Paolella to Pardeep Sehgal, property at 129 Voorhees Corner Road, at $130,000.

Laura Casagrande to Mark Hill and Deborah Hill, property at 72 Cherryville Hollow road, at $300,000.

Girish Desai and Bindu Desai to David Moutner and Katherine Moutner, property at 25 Colts Lane, at $465,000.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Melissa Day, property at 16 Vantage Drive, at $455,000.

Carolyn Greene and Bryan Greene to Greg Cierkowski and Efe Cierkowski, property at 12 Stacey Road, at $569,000.

JDRMDVP & RSK TST, LLC to Riacrdo O. Martins and Albertina M. Martins, property at 6 Nicole Lane, at $509,000.

Patrick C. Woodward and Tanya Woodward to Sumanbhai Patel and Simaben Patel, property at 30 Clearbrook Lane, at $315,000.

Cynthia Simmonds and Michael Dias to Satsuki Hayashi and Takahiko Hayashi, property at 20 Fir Court, at $256,000.

John T. Kalinowski and Joanna Lewin to Paul Orrel and Susan Orrel, property at 160 Voorhees Corner Road, at $325, Keisha Rahman, property at 41 Barley Sheaf Road, at $650,000.

Matthew Samuel, Jr. and Bonnie Samuel to Robert Schmieder, property at 55 Saxonney Circle, at $268,000.

George Kuzmak, Jr to Zachary M. Longson, property at 51 Grandin Drive, at $420,000.

Steven Phillips and Barbara Phillips to Robert Brink, property at 143 Klinesville Road, at $265,000.

Mary Lou Findley and Michael Sniscak and Debora Jean Sniscak, property at 27 Higgins Court, at $380,000.

Readington Township

Steven E. Kellu to Bayron Mendez and Merari Castanon, property at 25 Old Highway 28, at $250,000.

Stephen E. Laird and Elaine F. Laird to John Langer and Annette Ivry, property at 131 Hillcrest Road, at $499,999.

Wilmark Building Contractors to Francis A. Reale and Arianna Reale, property at 6 Far Knoll Lane, at $678,252.

Evergreen New Home Builders Limited Liability Company to Gautam Arora and Sangeeta Arora, property at 13 Hageman Road, at $699,999.

Sean Aurigemma and Laura Aurigemma to Austin Partners LLC, property at 159 Mocjkingbird Court, at $144,500.

Mary Ann Lacamera to David Lacamera, property at 2 Colonial Road, at $348,333.

Robert Mannino to Leonardo Perez, property at 901 Route 523, at $298,000.

Douglas Carter II to Rod Januzzi, property at 705 Route 523, at $340,000.

Caitlin C. Alicino and Ryan Bergamottoto Nicholas Zarra, property at 418 Well Sweep Road, at $136,700.

Joao and Patricia Santos to GDOYLE, LLC, property at 126 Stanton Road, at $250,000.

Kai Xi to Craig Walling, property at 3 Catherine Court, at $525,000.

Donna Tabor to Ronald Mark Garcia, Jr., property at 7 Ridge Road, at $295,000.


Walter F. Conover, III to Thomas White and Melanie White, property at 21 Woolverton Road, at $300,000.

Tewksbury Township

David Leong and Ji In Lee to Randolph Floyd, property at 46 Hollow Brook Road, at $700,000.

Christopher J. Keane to Thomas E. Shanley, property at 54 Farmersville Road, at $391,750.

PNC Bank to Pristine Properties, Inc, property at 172 Oldwick Road, at $690,000.

Samuel T. White III and Kim A. Mills-White to Susana Perrillat, property at 12 Oldwich Road, at $660,000.

Union Township

Renato Massimo and Denise Massimo to Mehmet Kosa and Sara E. Potter-Kose, property at 591 Route 579, at $550,000.

Swarupa Bangaru to Alfonse Novelli, property at 5 Asher Smith Road, at $920,000.

West Amwell

Christopher H. Kascik to Gregory Woldd and Jill B. Wolff, property at 233 Mount Airy Harbourton, at $275,000

Michael P. Mulvey and Shaikh Z. Rahman

Kathleen Rovi to Gary Jordan and Kathleen

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Deeds filed with the Hunterdon County Clerk’s Office through Oct. 19

Deeds filed with the Hunterdon County Clerk’s Office through Oct. 19

The following deeds have been reported to have recorded in the Hunterdon County Hall of Records in Books 2416 and 2417 through Oct. 19, 2017:


John Scrudato and Debra Scrudato to Christopher Corkins and Jessica Corkins, property at 7 Valley View Drive, at $530,000.

Clinton Township

Edward Lee and Alicia Lee to Scott Rebholz and Nicole M. Rebholz, property at 3 Appollo Place, at $470,000.

Thomas Lunsmann and Lori Lunsmann to David R. Russo and Tiene Russo, property at 20 Bule Cliff Drive, at $775,000.

Joseph S. Novak to Mary Catherine DeRiso, property at 44 Country Club Drive, at $190,000.

Wayne W. Irvine to Michael Moriarty, property at 15 Cedar Grove Road, at $365,000.

Daniel Edward Stickel and Lorelei Olsen to Catherine Emery and Franklin D. Reed III, property at 10 Dartmouth Road, at $499,000.

William McCreery III and Patricia McCreery to Mi Sun Kong, property at 21 Highland Circle, at $136,000.

Washington Savings Fund Society to Robert Swensen and Barry James Squier, Jr., property at 21 Old Mountain Road, at $178,000.

Delaware Township

Brian A. Barbiche and Nanette A. Barbiche to Christine O’Connor and John O’Conno, property at 38 Kingwood Stockton Road, at $590,000.

East Amwell

George M. Dilts to Sharon A. Roney, property at 148 Rocktown Road, at $230,000.

Jeffrey Van Fleet and Evellyn Van Fleet to Phillip Di Betta and Susan Di Betta, property at 73 Rainbow Hill Road, at $765,000.

William E. Sullivan Jr. to Susan McGreevy, property at 29 Rosemont Ringoes Road, at $315,000.


Kristine L. Plumstead and Keith J. Plumstead to Lanhua Lin and Quan Chen, property at 8 Coppermine Village, at $225,000.

Flemington Nilkanth, LLC to Shri Pavan, LLC, property at 42 North Main Street, at $650,000.


Julie A. Marquis to Jeremy Long, property at 4 Coach and Four Road, at $960,000.


Brian Kravitz and Ryan Kruger to Karen Aversa and Daniel Aversa, property at 42 4th Street, at $347,750.

Glen Gardner

Mary Ruth Mercurio to Lisa A. Carbonaro, property at 1108 Spruce Hills Drive, at $114,000.


Estate of Judith Decker to Dorene Stavac and Richard Stavac, property at 5 Gardner Way, at $479,000.  


Richard J. Sheiring to Suzanne Sheiring, property at 145 Byram Lane, at $375,000.


Edward A. Gaspari and Diane L. Gaspari to David Whiteman, property at 214 S. Main Street,at $239,900.

Bertha F. Pittore to Miael Marciano and Dorti Moffatt, property at 33 Lincoln Avenue, at $365,000.

John E. Anderson to Alan S. Okun, property at 271 Holcombe Way, at $528,750.

William Donnelly to Patricia Florio, property at 54 North Main Street, at $455,000.


Denise Piszkowski to Branndon Briggs and Kimberly Briggs, property at 33 Hickory Run Road, at $235,000.

George Russell Black and Janet W. lack to Brend Properties, property at 1 Shoddy Mill Road, at $295,000.

Nicholas Micheli and Jillian Micheli to Michael DelGaizo and Sheena DelGaizo, property at 31 Hickory Run Road, at $535,000.

Raritan Township

Paul C. Tinnirello and Deborah A. Tinnirello to Thomas D. Dunham, Jr. and Anna T. Dunham, property at 4 Coryell Court, at $590,000.

Christopher Fisher and Lauren Fisher to William G. Klopsch and Mary E. White, property at 2 Washington Street, at $290,000.

Darren Bush and Jennifer Bush to Keith Paradiso and Jennifer Harabedian, property at 303 Jamestown Court, at $255,000.

Nicholas A. Iosue and Maureen C. Iosue to Neal Marky and Stefanie Marky, property at 23 Woodside Lane, at $560,000.

Shlomit Yafa Afriat to Lark Stagnitto and Christopher M. Slevin, property at 19 Sherwood Court, at $243,750.

Jennifer M. Diliberto and Michael V. Abbatiello to Bin Yang and Xiulan Huang, property at 208 Spruce Court, at $225,000.

John F. Halak and Kathleen S. Halak to Christopher Cesare, property at 6 Norton Drive, at $390,000.

Littlejohns, BarryB. And Nicola L. to Anthony F. Kamand, property at 5 Buckeye Lane, at $890,000.


Victor C. Dulay to Jason Y. Zalarick and Marisa M. Martino-Zalarick, property at 1 Blacksmith Road, at $385,000.

Gary Fitch and Carol Fitch to Trisha Strelko and Eric Strelko, property at 4 Edison Road, at $535,000.

Marc F. Wipperman to Michelle Roberts and Sebastian C. Fucile, property at 3 Pond View Court, at $923,750.

Arthur Watson and Shirley Watson to Thomas Lyons and Fadia Lyons, property at 15 Lazy Brook Road, at $265,000.

Christian Byra to Cara Haefner, property at 386 Burdock Court, at $153,500.


Thomas H. Atherton and Barbara A. Atherton to Adam Witzburg, property at 8 Summer Lane, at $555,000.

Alfred H. Rolfe and June S. Rolfe to Rolfe Family Associates, LLC, property at 17 Dryden Road, at $450,000.

Union Township

Lisa Hubert and Robert J. Hubert to Elizabeth Harvey and Gary Whitehead-Nudd, property at 71 Perryville Road, at $560,375.

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Deeds filed with the Hunterdon County Clerk’s Office through Oct. 5

Deeds filed with the Hunterdon County Clerk’s Office through Oct. 5

The following deeds have been reported to have been recorded in the Hunterdon County Hall of Records in Books 2415 and 2416 through Oct. 15, 2017:

Alexandria Township

Edward J. Caffrey and Helen M. Caffrey to Juan B. Ochoa and Beatriz Delgado Ochoa, property at 169 Rick Road, at $645,000.


NS0152RE1, LLC to Michael Gross and Audra Dawn Grosso, property at 331 Hurley Drive, at $445,000.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association by Powers Kim, POA to Manual A. Couto, property at 323 County Road 579, at $239,000.

Clinton Township

Letter Perfect Homes, Inc to Joseph Aucello, property at 328  Old Allerton Road, at $435,000.

The Greater New Jersey Annual Conference of the United Methodist Conference to Union Community Bible Church, Inc., property at 104 Allerton Road, at $340,000.

Mehmet Jose and Sarah E. Pottter-Kose to Stephen Florio and Megan Florio, property at 4 Appollo Place, at $365,000.

Franklin D. Reed III and Catherine Emery Reed to Sean Lampf, property at 116 Lilac Drive, at $319,5000.

Wayne Schmied to JA Riverside Properties, LLC, property at 1 Old Highway 22, at $549,000.

Laura Vitez to Evan J. Coury, property at 19 Highland Circle, at $165,000.

Delaware Township

George E. Unfried and Frederick E. Unfried to Triple-B Land Conservancy, LLC, property at 28 Buchanan Road, at $893,000.

Maryanne M. Plesher to Theodore C. Bench, Jr. and Eunice Bench, property at 760 Rosemont Ringoes Road, at $865,000.

East Amwell

Judy Johnson to John A. Pierce and Lewis A. Douglas, property at 108 Lindberg Road, at $1,650,000.

Karen S. Reid to Dumont Family Investments, LLC, property at 62 Linvale Road, at $437,000.

Richard J. Thiboutot and Cynthia A Thiboutot to Bryanna L. HArtpence and Justin M. Ege, property at 7 Toad Lane, at $335,000.


Sandra Morrison to Joseph Y. Chen, property at 44 Pennsylvania Ave, at $335,000.


Headquarters Properties, LLC to Asset 1, LLC, property at 165-169 Route 31 South, at $171,500.

High Bridge

Lynn Hughes and Donna Exley to Brian M. Exley, property at 5 West Main Street, at $159,000.

Interstate Builders, LLC to Andrej Hacke and Iveta Hackeova, property at 92 Cregar Road, at $375,000.


Timothy M. Pickens and Nanc S. Pickens to John Robert Kuster, Jr., property at 26 Hawks Schoolhouse Road, at $320,000.


Daren Errico to Lawrence M. Gruss, property at 181 Fairview Road, at $565,000.

Carl Rodweller, Jr. to Carol A. Rodweller, property at 337-339 County Road 519, at $500,000.

Barbara Lugg to Sean Callanan, property at 2978 Daniel Bray Highway, at $260,000.

Scott Bradley and Patricia Bradley, property at 1 Lockatong Road, at $430,000.


Edward R. Padilla and Suzanne Padilla to Jeffrey W. Grundy and Donna Lynn Grundy, property at 25 Lambert Lane, at $555,000.

Kathleen McCusker to Lauren H. Braun-Strumfels, property at 221 N Union Street, at $290,000.


Distinctive Builders, LLC to Lara Bermingham, property at 240 Mt. Airy Road, at $455,000.

Laura Freda to Joseph Cortese, property at 5 High Street, at $299,900.

Milford Borough

Brett K. Healy and Connor Healy to Angela Caban and Vincent Caban, property at 386 Milford Mount Pleasant Road, at $282,000.

Raritan Township

Andrew J. Mack and Danielle F. Mack to Robert Trochiano and Claudia Trochiano, property at 8 Clover Hill Road, at $343,000.

Gregory M. Wolff, Jill Wolff and Joel M. Wolff to Robin J. Mason and Bardley Mason, property at 103 Provincetown Court, at $262,000.

Richard Moschberger to Patricia J. Madiara, property at 18 Suzanne Drive, at $339,600.

Michele M. Mauchet and Russell Florio to Kenneth A. Frank and Althea G. Surrao, property at 65 Elm Terrace, at $330,000.

MTGLQ Investors, L.P. to Boris Glukhovskiy, property at 166 Voorhees Corner Road, at $225,000.

Michael R. Jaimeson to Michelle Weber, property at 2 Fir Court, at $259,000.


James Osekavage and Kamila Osekavage to David deVelder and Amanda deVelder, property at 303 Heritage Drive, at $470,000.

Yvonne A. Zemeikis to Justin Bornstad, property at 2 Higginsville Road, at $370,000.

Donn Gordon and Patti Merwin to Megan Monson, property at 4 Craig Road, at $551,000.

Irene Peters Harrison to Anne J. Fosbre, property at 1103 Berry Farm Road, at $327,000.

Kenneth James Siman to Karen M. Sauers, property at 1214 Berry Farm Road, at $249,000.

Frederick B. Lehibach and Martha E. Behibach to Guy Paredes, property at 108 Pine Bank Road, at $659,900.

Stockton Borough

Debra Bazarsky to Rebecca S. Schuck, property at 3 Broad Street, at $260,000.


Robert S. Peterman and Susan Peterman to Heind Bannan Smith and Jeffery Mark Smith, property at 8 Lenore Road, at $570,000.

Union Township

Jennifer Tanner to Dane G. Gianarkis, property at 4 Westway, at $142,900.

Curtis A. Miller to Ashley Dagnall, property at 15 Cross Way, 22-1C, at $174,900.

Edward Russell and Julie Russell to Ronak Mondi and Mansi Mondi, property at 43 Wyckoff Drive, at $585,000.

West Amwell

Belina L. Overman to Andrew P. Overman, property at 41 Mill Road, at $999,000.

Michael R. Snyder and Jessica Mueller to David W. Thelen and Jean Semler, property at 134 Rocktown-Lambertville Road, at $450,000.

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