Deeds filed with the Hunterdon County Clerk’s Office through Oct. 5

Deeds filed with the Hunterdon County Clerk’s Office through Oct. 5

The following deeds have been reported to have been recorded in the Hunterdon County Hall of Records in Books 2415 and 2416 through Oct. 15, 2017:

Alexandria Township

Edward J. Caffrey and Helen M. Caffrey to Juan B. Ochoa and Beatriz Delgado Ochoa, property at 169 Rick Road, at $645,000.


NS0152RE1, LLC to Michael Gross and Audra Dawn Grosso, property at 331 Hurley Drive, at $445,000.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association by Powers Kim, POA to Manual A. Couto, property at 323 County Road 579, at $239,000.

Clinton Township

Letter Perfect Homes, Inc to Joseph Aucello, property at 328  Old Allerton Road, at $435,000.

The Greater New Jersey Annual Conference of the United Methodist Conference to Union Community Bible Church, Inc., property at 104 Allerton Road, at $340,000.

Mehmet Jose and Sarah E. Pottter-Kose to Stephen Florio and Megan Florio, property at 4 Appollo Place, at $365,000.

Franklin D. Reed III and Catherine Emery Reed to Sean Lampf, property at 116 Lilac Drive, at $319,5000.

Wayne Schmied to JA Riverside Properties, LLC, property at 1 Old Highway 22, at $549,000.

Laura Vitez to Evan J. Coury, property at 19 Highland Circle, at $165,000.

Delaware Township

George E. Unfried and Frederick E. Unfried to Triple-B Land Conservancy, LLC, property at 28 Buchanan Road, at $893,000.

Maryanne M. Plesher to Theodore C. Bench, Jr. and Eunice Bench, property at 760 Rosemont Ringoes Road, at $865,000.

East Amwell

Judy Johnson to John A. Pierce and Lewis A. Douglas, property at 108 Lindberg Road, at $1,650,000.

Karen S. Reid to Dumont Family Investments, LLC, property at 62 Linvale Road, at $437,000.

Richard J. Thiboutot and Cynthia A Thiboutot to Bryanna L. HArtpence and Justin M. Ege, property at 7 Toad Lane, at $335,000.


Sandra Morrison to Joseph Y. Chen, property at 44 Pennsylvania Ave, at $335,000.


Headquarters Properties, LLC to Asset 1, LLC, property at 165-169 Route 31 South, at $171,500.

High Bridge

Lynn Hughes and Donna Exley to Brian M. Exley, property at 5 West Main Street, at $159,000.

Interstate Builders, LLC to Andrej Hacke and Iveta Hackeova, property at 92 Cregar Road, at $375,000.


Timothy M. Pickens and Nanc S. Pickens to John Robert Kuster, Jr., property at 26 Hawks Schoolhouse Road, at $320,000.


Daren Errico to Lawrence M. Gruss, property at 181 Fairview Road, at $565,000.

Carl Rodweller, Jr. to Carol A. Rodweller, property at 337-339 County Road 519, at $500,000.

Barbara Lugg to Sean Callanan, property at 2978 Daniel Bray Highway, at $260,000.

Scott Bradley and Patricia Bradley, property at 1 Lockatong Road, at $430,000.


Edward R. Padilla and Suzanne Padilla to Jeffrey W. Grundy and Donna Lynn Grundy, property at 25 Lambert Lane, at $555,000.

Kathleen McCusker to Lauren H. Braun-Strumfels, property at 221 N Union Street, at $290,000.


Distinctive Builders, LLC to Lara Bermingham, property at 240 Mt. Airy Road, at $455,000.

Laura Freda to Joseph Cortese, property at 5 High Street, at $299,900.

Milford Borough

Brett K. Healy and Connor Healy to Angela Caban and Vincent Caban, property at 386 Milford Mount Pleasant Road, at $282,000.

Raritan Township

Andrew J. Mack and Danielle F. Mack to Robert Trochiano and Claudia Trochiano, property at 8 Clover Hill Road, at $343,000.

Gregory M. Wolff, Jill Wolff and Joel M. Wolff to Robin J. Mason and Bardley Mason, property at 103 Provincetown Court, at $262,000.

Richard Moschberger to Patricia J. Madiara, property at 18 Suzanne Drive, at $339,600.

Michele M. Mauchet and Russell Florio to Kenneth A. Frank and Althea G. Surrao, property at 65 Elm Terrace, at $330,000.

MTGLQ Investors, L.P. to Boris Glukhovskiy, property at 166 Voorhees Corner Road, at $225,000.

Michael R. Jaimeson to Michelle Weber, property at 2 Fir Court, at $259,000.


James Osekavage and Kamila Osekavage to David deVelder and Amanda deVelder, property at 303 Heritage Drive, at $470,000.

Yvonne A. Zemeikis to Justin Bornstad, property at 2 Higginsville Road, at $370,000.

Donn Gordon and Patti Merwin to Megan Monson, property at 4 Craig Road, at $551,000.

Irene Peters Harrison to Anne J. Fosbre, property at 1103 Berry Farm Road, at $327,000.

Kenneth James Siman to Karen M. Sauers, property at 1214 Berry Farm Road, at $249,000.

Frederick B. Lehibach and Martha E. Behibach to Guy Paredes, property at 108 Pine Bank Road, at $659,900.

Stockton Borough

Debra Bazarsky to Rebecca S. Schuck, property at 3 Broad Street, at $260,000.


Robert S. Peterman and Susan Peterman to Heind Bannan Smith and Jeffery Mark Smith, property at 8 Lenore Road, at $570,000.

Union Township

Jennifer Tanner to Dane G. Gianarkis, property at 4 Westway, at $142,900.

Curtis A. Miller to Ashley Dagnall, property at 15 Cross Way, 22-1C, at $174,900.

Edward Russell and Julie Russell to Ronak Mondi and Mansi Mondi, property at 43 Wyckoff Drive, at $585,000.

West Amwell

Belina L. Overman to Andrew P. Overman, property at 41 Mill Road, at $999,000.

Michael R. Snyder and Jessica Mueller to David W. Thelen and Jean Semler, property at 134 Rocktown-Lambertville Road, at $450,000.

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Deeds filed with the Hunterdon County Clerk’s Office through Sept. 21

Deeds filed with the Hunterdon County Clerk’s Office through Sept. 21

The following deeds have been reported to have been recorded in the Hunterdon County Hall of Records in Books 2413 and 2414 through Sept. 21, 2017:

Alexandria Township

The Robert and Jing Revocable Living Trust Fund, Robert E. Moor and Jing Hong Moor to Keith Sherwell and Angela Sherwell, property at 100 Woolf Road, at $650,000.

Maria F. Andrade to Marek Borowski and Anne Borowski, property at 512 Woolf Road, at $270,000.

William Piwtoratsky and Mia Piwtoratsky to Paul Beattie and Maureen Beattie, property at 205 Cendar Bridge Lane, at $515,000.

New Penn Financial LLC to Nicholas Macia and Jessica Macia, property at 356 Mechlin Corner Road, at $450,000.

Michael Gerkens and Anna Gerkens to Simon Morton and Sarita Rosamilia, property at 17 Hilltop Road, at $510,000.


Victor DelPizzo and Victoria DelPizzo to Edward Ratchford and Ann Marie Ratchford, property at 139 Black Brook Road, at $544,900.

PNC Bank to Sean W. Runge, property at 857 Norton Church Road, at $235,000.

Jason Bless and Alison Bless to Shauna Morrison, property at 350 Tunnel Road, at $267,000.

Steven DeLorenzo and Maria DeLorenzo, property at 672 Fox Farm Road, at $325,000.


Peter Karpinsky to Paul Hesch, property at 954 Route 173, at $230,000.


Russel W. Owen to William Bolcar and Melina Bolcar, property at 12 Raritan Drive, at $345,000.

Patrick R. Caplin and Jennifer Caplin to John Collins and Robin Collins, property at 119 Philhower Avenue, at $320,000.

Clinton Township

Jacob Papay, Jr. to Joseph Arbadji and Paula Arbadji, property at 2 Lexington Road, at $445,000.
Theodore Bench, Jr. and Eunice Bench to David Pette and Brindley Petter, property at 105 Lilac Drive, at $778,000.

Amit Datla and Shanti Aratikatla to Soyoung Yun and Mun Shieh, property at 43 Crestview Drive, at $635,000.

Janardhan Satyanarayana and Geetha Srirangapatna to Paul Ingenito, property at 10 Cypress Court, at $320,000.

Edwin F. Galusha and Charles S. Galusha to Jeffrey Glennon and Aimee Glennon, property at 16 Ramsey Road, at $280,000.

William Puglisi and Barbara Puglisi to Edward Lee and Alicia Lee, property at 25 Hook Mountain Drive, at $665,000.

Tao Fan and Li Deng to Edward Stanley and Yesenia Rivera, property at 5 Spring Brook Drive, at $343,000.

Paul Simon and Kathryn E. Paliani to Denise Szewczuk, property at 27 Troon Terrace, at $131,000.

Denice Torres and Kimberly Torres to Sumanth Srinivas and Ashwini Sumanth, property at 71 Crestview Drive, at $672,000.

East Amwell

Ralph M. Melbourn to Juston Bryan, property at 1063 Old York Road, at $175,000.

Karen Peabody to Marie Denise Bruno, property at 21 Manners Road, at $261,000.

Stephen Souza and Maria Souza to Anabela Bentzinger, property at 100 John Ringo Road, at $327,500.

Beverly Kaminski to GAW Holdings LLC, property at 4314 South Broad Street, at $260,000.


Herbert Milan and Diane Scott to David S. Greenspan & Stephanie Greenspan, property at 27 Chesterfield Court, at $320,000.

Glen Gardner

Sean Smith and Holly Duckworth to Carol Karas, property at 1306 Spruce Hills Drive, at $104,000.

High Bridge

Anthony Piazza to Franklin Luna, property at 26-28 Main Street, at $279,000.

William Wey and Nancy Ruth Wey to NMC Properties, property at 3 Squire Lane, at $110,000.

Paul R. Kaphal to Neil Leonard and Erin Leonard, property at 302 Church Road, at $170,000.


Nathan Fleck and Lindsay Ann Fleck to Mary Spencer, property at 150 Church Road, at $230,000.

Michael Garefino to Brittany Nailos and Christopher Nailos, property at 315 Bellis Road, at $184,900.

Loren Baginski to Estelle Carbone, property at 485 Milford Mount Pleasant Road, at $459,000.


Daren Errico to Lawrence M. Gruss, property at 181 Fairview Road, at $565,000.

Carl Rodweller, Jr. to Carol A. Rodweller, property at 337-339 County Road 519, at $500,000.

Barbara Lugg to Sean Callanan, property at 2978 Daniel Bray Highway, at $260,000.

Scott Bradley and Patricia Bradley, property at 1 Lockatong Road, at $430,000.


Hart Venture Group to Team JSK, LLC, property at 162 Oaks Road, at $475,000.

Iono, LLC to Shelly Dawn Ritchie, property at 81 Sounth Main Street, at $532,500.

Frances L. Finkle to Gerald Lawrence Levine and William Osborn Warner, property at 23 Rock Creek Woods Drive, at $385,000.

Anthony Shiron and Nancy Ann Shiron to John Pieczynski and Brenda Pieczynski, property at 8 Perry Road, at $339,025.

Holly Havens to Kathleen Losch, property at 6 Woodstream Court, at $443,000.

LLR Associates to Paul T. Urbish and Madeline Urbish, property at 57 Perry Street, at $345,000.

David Whiteman and Jenny Johnson to Raja Waran and Naveena Waran, property at 93 South Franklin Street, at $325,000.

Luanne Creed to Brian Sudol, property at 64 Ferry Street, at $345,000.


Edward Eick and Rose Eick to David Ziobro and Cynthia Santangelo, property at 160 Buffalo Holow Road, at $339,900.

Mark Stockwell and Julia Stockwell to Peter Beshara and Jennifer Cintron, property at 57 Main Street, at $379,000.

Andrew Schneider to Dori Moretti, property at 361 Route 513, at $482,000.

Janet K. LeDoux to Erica Balzer and Richard Balzer, preoprty at 14 Whiteoad Ridge Road, at $435,000.

Jonathon Moynihan and Patricia Moynihan, property at 23 and 15 Stevenson Lane, at $815,000.

Oleg A. Jourilovitch and Joy Ricigliano to Joshua Michael Rasdall and Jessica Lynn Rasdall, property at 125 Hillcrest Drive, at $225,000.


Glenn Neebe to 2 Bridge Acquisition, LLC, property at 2 Bridge Street, at $425,000.

Alan Zabowski and Jill Zabowski to Lisa Tinker, property at 99 Carpenter Street, at $250,000.

Carisa Weinfurter and Hans Weinfurter to Bhaumik, property at 67 Carpenter Street, at $259,000.


Thomas J. Elberty to Aaron Epstein and Shannon Epstein, property at 26 Scarlet Oak Road, at $680,000.

Daniel Migliore and Jennifer Welch to Daniel Migliore, property at 14 Peach Court, at $221,166.21.

Christopher E. Bajak and Joann Bajak to Hansal Patel and Nioima, property at 2 Columbine Court, at$570,000.

MaryAnn DePaolo to Raymond Miskiewicz and Lindsay Miskeiwicz, property at 3 Grandview Circle, at $445,000.

Lori Ann Potash, Richard Potash and Diane Potash to Corinne Amadeo and Benjamin Drake, property at 10 Molly Bee Road, at $380,000.

Allison M. Blake to Helen Caffrey and Edward Caffrey, property at 42 Dayton Road, at $375,000.

Elanor Rever to Richard Oswald and Lilliam Oswald, property at 8 Vinsen Drive, at $435,000.

Kendall Kelley and Diana Kelley to William Joseph Taft, IV and Renee Taft, property at 6 Columbine Court, at $541,000.


Floyd Campbell, Jr. and Cynthia H. Campbell to Antonio DeCampos and Andrea DeCampos, property at 3 Ryerson Road, at $577,500.

NEW11, LLC to Morelli Properties, LLC, property at 1 Broad Street, at $125,000.

Michael Rivezzi and Gladys Rivezzi to Mari Ellen Hagicostas, property at 1 Margriet Road, at $635,000.

Anthony Fusco to Carma Martins, property at 219 Goldenroad Court, at $349,500.

Rui DeCampos and Lisa DeCampos to Sandra Andrade and Manuel Andrade, property at 24 Oriole Road, at $470,000.

Regina Marie Thiede to Marc A. Kurtzo, property at 18 High Street, at $215,000.

Anders G. Rajka and Gwen M. Rajka to Efrain A. Sanchez and Shirley A. Sanchez, property at 8 Delaware Road, at $697,500.

Terrence Landers to Brian McNamara, property at 365 Burdock Court, at $185,000.

JDRMDBP, SM & SF, LLC to Joan Dorsey, property at 109 South Branch Drive, at $338,500.

Elain Cox to Dana M. Millette and William Millette, property at 119 Readington Road, at $650,000.

Shawn Soraino and Stephen Soriano to Anthony DeAngelis and Donna Pizzelanti, property at 1043 Barley Sheaf Drive, at $633,500.

Carol A. House to Gary V. Pellegrino and Jeanne Pellegrino, property at 7 Fernwood Court, at $415,000.


Elizabeth G. Berger and James E. Krail to Eileen Theresa Foley, property at 11 Bridge Street, at $479,000.

Tewksbury Township

Lawrence J. and Susan Ann Murphy to R & Y Estate Holdings, LLC, property at 12 Ridge Road, at $350,000.

Hector R. Milian and Brandy K. Milian to Wai-Keung Tang and Vicky Lai-Sheung Lee, property at 105 Fairmount Road West, at $550,000.

Richard J. McDermott and Barbara J. McDermott to Mark A. Bernard and Barbara E. Bernard, property at 80 Sutton Road, at $530,000.

William Robert Woodard and Christie Woodard to Nicholas Argenziano and Tracy Argenziano, preoprty at 95 Fiarmount Road East, at $1,050,000.

Linda Robson and Benedict Rubino to Ann M. Kershner and James D. Kershner, property at 16 Uptom Pine Road, at $755,500.


Ric A. Lyons and Teresa D. Lyons to Trent S. Blazure and Rebecca L. Chabrier, property at 48 Baptist Church Road, at $535,000.

Carolyn Bischoff Frost and William Frederick Bischoff, III, property at 15 Anderson Road, at $300,000

Jana Tolisano and Geoffrey William Cheney to Marc Liguori, property at 23 Polktown Road, at $355,000.

The Bank Of New York to Robert Chiaravalloti and Mariangela Chiaravalloti, property at 68 Wyckoff Drive, at $395,000.

George A. McGowan, III and Leanne T. McGowan to Paul Grande and Maria Nardone-Grande, property at 7 Partridge Run, at $560,000.

West Amwell Township

Michael Rampel to Giovanna Mannino, property at 659 Brunswick Pike, at $321,000.

Kathleen C. Losch to Christian E. Losh and Jeni A. Losch, property at 155 Rock Road West, at $629,000.

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Home that was for sale but now sold

Deeds filed with the Hunterdon County Clerk’s Office through Sept. 7

Deeds filed with the Hunterdon County Clerk’s Office through Sept. 7

The following deeds have been reported to have been recorded in the Hunterdon County Hall of Records in Books 2412 and 2413 through Sept. 7, 2017:

Alexandria Township

Stephen Buczek and Rosemary Buczek to Barry Hinman and Kathryn Ann Hinman, property at 480 Little York-Mt. Pleasant Road, at $445,000.

Greig Anthony Roberts to Davis Foreman, property at 421 Mechlin Corner Road, at $650,000.

Penny Bazazan to Mohamad Bazazan, property at 66 Sky Manor Drive, at $200,000.


Deborah Dunne and James W. Dunne to Meghan Dunne and Timothy Dunne, property at 11 Raritan Drive, for $350,000.

Clinton Township

Michael R. Dox to Alexander Paolillo and Merrilee McMurry, property at 24 Center Street, at $370,000.

Ralisa Webb to Daryl Cobb and Joanne Cobb, property at 11 Wellington Druve, at $439,000.

Delaware Township

Anthony Pizur and William Charles Hauley to Thomas F. Gamberzky, property at 97 Sandnrook Headquarters Road, at $405,000.

Camamis Family L.P. to C R Route 12 Associates, LLC, property at 5 Chamberlain Court, at $850,000.

Deisi Scott to George C. Cerny, Jr. and Susan Trappanese Cerny, property at 26 Rittenhouse Road, at $360,000.

John Ruggieri and Carla J. Kruck-Ruggieri to David M Burshlag and Tracey D. Burshlag, property at 33 Sutton Farm Road, at $600,000.

East Amwell

James Reid and Janet L. Reid to J Daryl Groon and Jennifer Groon, property at 117 Van Leius Road, at $656,500.


Carol J. Tee and Stephen M. Tee to Camille L. Miller and George Robert Leis, property at 66 Bonnell Street, at $287,000.

Kethryn Waxman to James R. McConnell, property at 14 Madison Avenue, at $395,000.

Franklin Township

Linda Hudecek to Jeffrey Agugliaro and Dawn Agugliaro, property at 322 Sidney Road, at $360,000.

Carol Brunner and Ronald Brunner to Annette Brunner and Randy Brunner, property at 1006 Croton Road, property at $215,000.

Glen Gardner

Valerie J. Erikson to John T. Podstawski, property at 2110 Spruce Hills Drive, at $125,000.


Thomas A. Larkin to Donna A. Roy and John B. Roy, property at 304 Hidden Meadow Lane, at $707,000.

Holland Township

Michael Fox and Sarah Friend to Jennifer Tanner and John E. Law, property at 191 Ellis Road, at $370,000.


Sheriff Hunterdon County to BeRite Home, at 1007 State Hwy 12, at $120,000.


Heron View LLC to Colleen M. Kinderman and Jacob E. Kinderman, property at 25 Buttonwood Street, at $360,000.

Lebanon Township

Kalli Burd and Shane Kurd to Sarah Apgar, property at 2 Deerpath Road, at $232,500.

Raritan Township

Impac Funding Coropration to heyday Properties, LLC, property at 46 Dory Dilts Road, at $290,000.

Carol Karas and Kevin Karas to Jeffrey Delese and Staci Delese, property at 19 Bacorn Road, at $460,000.

Fannie Mae aka Federal National Mortgage Association to Feng Yu, property at 43 Adams Court, at $225,000.

Peter M. SKunda and Joyce T. Skunda, to Arthur Latanzio and Mary G. Latanzio, property at 6 Rittehouse Circle, at $479,900.

David N. Pisani, Jr. and Yang Pisani to Ammundeep Singh Tagore and Harjot Kaur Tagore, property at 15 Biggs Place, at $740,000.

Thomas McGreevy and Susan McGreevy and James R. Reed and Melanie Reed, property at 206 Old York Road, at $350,000.

Xinhua Qian and Leilei Xu to Jeffrey M. McCandless and Nicole L. McCandless, property at 3 Old Field Court, at $630,000.

Paul Giardina and Pia B. Vilaragut to Paul S. Kilinski and Melissa Prowker, property at 25 Leffler Hill

Road, at $414,000.

Patrick J. Hayes and Anne McGinnis-Hayes to William B. Finnert and Kathleen J. Finnerty, property at 123 Old York Road, at $425,000.

Kevin J. Carroll and Gale P. Carroll to Deena M. Cassella to Robert J. Cassella, property at 14 Bacorn Road, at $475,000.

John Matthews and Susan Apgood to Carole Sampson-Landers, property at 35 Phipps Court, at $399,000.

Readington Township

August H. Daviet, Jr. to Harol Lambracht, Joann M. Yorkey and Victoria F. Accardi, preoprty at 5 Weather Hill, at $326,000.


Andrea P Klempoert and Paul D. Klempert to Ryan D. Junius and Elizabeth A. Junius, property at 8A Bridge Street, $324,000.


Carla Murphy to Anthony Guzzi and Rita C. Harrigan, property at 504 Lindabury Lane, at $624,500.

West Amwell Township

William C. McCracken and Meagan L. Carpenter to Kimberly D. Palangio and Christopher Rosenfeld, property at 39 Terrell Road, at $699,000


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Home that was for sale and is now sold

Deeds filed with the Hunterdon County Clerk’s Office through Aug. 31

Deeds filed with the Hunterdon County Clerk’s Office through Aug. 31

The following deeds have been reported to have been recorded in the Hunterdon County Hall of Records in Books 2411 and 2412 through Aug. 31, 2017:

Alexandria Township

Kathleen Benson to Paul and Lynnette Munkel, property at 11 Mill Street, for $170,000.

Brian Cahill to Rebecca GEddis, property at 612 County Road 578, for $625,000.

Bryan Lloyd to Richard S. and Eleanor La France, property at 477 Mechlin Corner Road, for $369,900.

Robert L. Zelley to Shawn Shapiro, property at 53 Balmoral Drive, for $615,000.

Daniel J. Christie and Ruth H. Christie to Andrew Laffey and Melissa Laffey, property at 3 Farrow Lane, for $485,000.



Terry Suydam to Peter P. Bellisano, III and Dad A. Bellisano, property at 120 Bank Street, for $400,000.


Lewish Maira and Michelle Maira to Robert W. Moritz, Elle Moritz and Gillian Moritz, property at 31 Crestview Drive, for $744,000.

L. Terry Gefrides and Ann A. Gefrides to Consuella Askew, property at 9 Serpentine Drive, for $419,000.

David Merrill to Richard Meurey, property at 146 Ceulen Street, at $250,000.

Clinton Township

Deab Gianarkis and Denisa Gianarkis to John Galligan and Mary Galligan, property at 1 Wedgewood Drive, for $552,900

Roger L. Twigg and Jeral L. Twigg to John Olivo and Stephanie Olivo, property at 1 Hil Hollow Court, for $510,013.

Stephen Thomas to James J. Brister, property at 20 Treeline Drive, for $539,500.

Steven T. Bourke and Jennifer L. Bourke to Michael Matos and Jennifer Matos, property at 17 Chaucer Drive, for $580,000.

Delaware Township

Mary Jane Gardner to James Prusakowski, Jr., property at 457 Sergeantsville Road, at $360,000.

Richard A. Wolfe and Kathleen Wolfe to Victor E. Iturbides and Kristin M. Iturbides, property at 7 Severns Way, at $590,000.

East Amwell

Thomas P. Thatcher and Gretchen S. Thatcher to Christopher Clark, property at 21 Wagner Road, at $365,000.

Peter C. Richardson and Elizabeth Richardson to Patrick John Muldoon and Danielle Caroline Muldoon, property at 115 Linvale Road, at $650,100.


John D. Keegan to Eric Liszt and Amy Liszt, property at 63 Broad Street, at $295,000.

Justin Flammia to Kaitlyn Radauscher, property at 703 Reed Court, at $183,500.

Francis S. Klessney and Anita Klesney to Doob Bilt, LLC., property at 23 N. Main Street, at $356,260.


John T. Abel to 8th Street Associates, LLC., property at 28-34 8th Street, at $112,500.

John W. Hindeman and JohnP. Weeks to Brandy L. Yanick and Ann M. Yanick, property at 50 Everittstown Road, at $375,000.

Glen Gardner

Arnold J. Hodgson and Marilyn L. Hodgson to Gregory J. Melitski and Danielle A. Santoiemma, property at 10 Fountain Grove Road, at $405,000.

High Bridge

James C. Rikhoff and Janet M. Rikhoff to Brian Spina and Heather M. Linenell, property at 49 Dewey Avenue, at $315,000.

Peter and Dorise Benson to William and Lauren Welch, property at 32 Silverthorne Road, at $305,000.

Holland Township

John P. and Anne F. McDonough to Paul and Bernadette Montera, property at 4 Upper Oak Lane, at $229,900.


Peter P. Cataldi and Francine Cataldi to Barton Lambert and Michelle Lambert, property at 2 Wagon Wheel Drive, at $435,000.


Terrence M. Hurley, Sr. and Roberta L. Hurley to Michael Andrew Cuddy and Mary Elizabeth Cullen, property at 236 Holcombe Way, at $564,500.

Sandra Nusinoff Lehrman to Melissa Patterson, property at 102 McDowell Drive, at $528,000.

Lebanon Township

Kenneth L. Burtis to Stanley W. Stauffer, property at 62 Mt. Kipp Road, at $305,000. Bernice J. Winters to Becker and Marina Viteri, property at 300 Turkey Top Road, at $305,000.

Martin Ribaudo and Theresa Ribaudo to Apan C. Vaishnava and Sudeepthi Gorripati, property at 103 Mountain Top Road, at $390,000.

Raritan Township

Jerry and Jennifer Feldman to Humberto Riyoichi Yamazaki Muccilli and Fernanda de Abrahae Muccilli, property at 1 Pegg Road, for $590,000.

The Flemington Memorial Park Association to 41 Route 31 LLC, property at 41 Rt. 31, at $700,000.

Edward Gunnersen and Wilma Gunnersen to Kathryn Waxman, property at 11 Biggs Place, at $584,000.

Timothy T. Blanke and Miriam R. Blanke to Gustave F. VanDenBerg and Lee VanDenBerg, property at 31 Rustic Trail, at $508,000.

Readington Township

Viseu, LLC to Erik Renninger and Andrea M. Renninger, rpoerty at 4 Van Fleet Road, at $635,000.

David Neal Moutner and Katherine Moutner to Andrew Falocco and Adriana Hordynsky, property at 1 42nd Street, at $495,000.

Vicki L. Brennan to Myun-Seok Cheon and Jinah Lim, property at 3 Hay Barrick Road, at $540,000.

Thomas N. Moore and Crolyn M. Moore to Michael Savard and Margaret Savard, property at 20 Old Highway 28, at $425,000.

Thomas P. Castellano and Rosemary Castellano to Rupesh Patel and Dimpi Patel, property at 10 Magriet Road, at $725,000.


Van Hotel Group VI, LLC to Chad W. Bower and Amy Bower, property at 3 Severns Way,  at $710,000.


Micheal B. Donoghue and Rosellen Donoghue to Beth Yoon and Seog Yoon, property at 36 Saw Mill Road, at $580,000.

Patricia J. Gasek to John H. Terry III and Tracy M. Terry, property at 12 Wildwood Road, at $797,000.

Oeter and Kate Sansom to Sarah F. Dwyer and Robert A. Logan, property at 303 Main Street, at $499,000.



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Home that was for sale and is now sold

Deeds filed with the Hunterdon County Clerk’s Office through Aug. 11

Deeds filed with the Hunterdon County Clerk’s Office through Aug. 11

The following deeds have been reported to have been recorded in the Hunterdon County Hall of Records in Book 2410 through Aug. 11, 2017:


Russel J. Tietjen and State T. Tietjen to N.P. Dodge Jr., property at 18 Mount Salem Road, for $574,500.

N.P. Dodge Jr. to Scott A. Parsons and Melinda C. Parsons, property at 18 Mount Salem Road, for $574,500.

John Meny and Marion Meny to Deidre Brazil, property at 529 Woolf Road, for $533,000.

Christopher Lomonte and Loretta Cuccia to Ryan Manatach and Noelle Manatch, property at 6 Weston Drive, for $480,000.

Bethlehem Township 

Jospeh M. Hughes and Abigail E. Davis to William R. Musacchio and Christine E. Musacchio, property at 344 Hackett Road, for $385,000.

Christopher Raffo to Leonid Romezel and Elena Fromzel, property at 365 Strotz Road, for $459,700.

Laura Makowski to Thomas Murin and Carly H. Isabella, property at 383 Tunnel Road, for $310,000.


Gary J. Glick and Kathleen Sportelli, co-executors of the estate of Karen C. Snyder, property at 89 Willow Avenue, for $409,000.


James Hunter Wilson to Michael J. Rosenthal and Karen Rosenthal, property at 4 Kellie Court, for $420,000.


Cynthia Horvath to Vineet Sahni, property at 38 Alexandra Way, for $294,000.

Clinton Township 

Glenn A. Dileo and Lynne S. Dileo to Lori Latsko and Gregory Latsko, property at 9 Treeline Drive, for $540,000.

Bradford Hellwig, Carla Hellwig and Dennis Becker to Michael Hanley and Jenna Hanley, property at 101 Haytown Road, for $615,000.

Suntrust Mortgage to Michael C. Penyak, Jr., property at 58 Regional Road, for $272,000.

Matthew A Williams to Martelle Burke Finan and Barry J. Finan, property at 1 Timber Ridge Drive, for $459,900.

Brian McCrum and Laura McCrum to Frank Coehlo and Claudia Coehlo , property at 15 Herman Thau Road, for $360,000.

Delaware Township 

Cary Reimer and Joel Reimer to Richard Abott and Andrea Kenyon Abbott, property at 150 Sandy Ridge Road, for $415,000.

PNC Bank to Leo S. Covell, property at 51 Biser Road, for $309,900.

David C. Grunwald and Bonnie R. Brown and Cullen A. McAuliffe and Sarah K. Landon, property at 135 Seabrook Road, for $485,000.

John T. Russell to Barbara Leone, Dolores Cioban and Alberta Savko, property at 240 Locktown Sergeantsville Road, at $483,000.

Matthew Cameron Errico, successor trustee under the Robert Mackie Living Trust, to Paul Michael Demeglio, property at 284 County Road 519, for $275,000.

George A. Ciszeski to Daniel M. Stofman and Mary Grace G. Manas, property at 44 Thor-Solberg Road, for $280,000.

Daniel J. Russell to Emily E. Russell, property at 2 White Road, for $530,000.

Richard Bernard to Keith Guarino, property at 1 Oak Grove Road, for $499,900.

James M. Creel III to Tonya E. Blair, property at 49 Elm Terrace, for $345,000.

Readington Township

Louis C. Bellafronte to Tiffany Crivelli, property at 346 Burdock Court, for $142,000.

Juliet Costa and Peter Costa to Nicholas A. Renda,  property at 45 School Road, for $600,000.

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. to Gerardo D. Busso, property at 131 Rockafellows Mill Road, for $209,900.

Kenneth Grady and Susan Grady to Thomas McNerney and Celeste Narciso, property at 34 Thrush Circle, for $500,000.

Sandra Soleau and Richard Soleau to Brian Ribbecke and Michelle Cselovszky, property at 7 Militia Road, for $491,000.

Carol M. Widegreen by her AIF, Charles W. Wiedgreen, Jr., to Peter P. DeTommaso and Anthony D. DeTommaso, property at 786 County Road 523, for $285,000.

Shawn Rieg and Kimberly E. Rieg to Michelle Florczak, property at 98 Violet Court, for $255,000.

Toll NJ I, LLC to Jose Simon E. Acampado, property at 118 Van Cleef Drive, for $510,328.


Michael E. Barry and Patricia J. Barry to Mitchell Lipp and Susan Lipp, property at 6 S. Main St., for $473,000.


Russ Anthony Boughner to Carol Tyrrell and Brian David, property at 4 Logan Drive, for $695,000.

Thor J. Beveridge and Cynthia A. Beveridge to Steven H. Lang, property at 3 Potter Lane, for $2,062,000.

Union Township

Denise M. Trimmer to Sharlene Gribler, property at 194 Main St., for $145,500.

Rita M. Hartigan to Jack David Eckhardt, property at 230 Anderson Road, for $440,000.

Prior sales can be found here.

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